A quad in St Cross College
The Blackwell Quad of St Cross College
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St Cross College

About the college

St Cross College is dedicated to the needs of graduate students and is noted for its friendly and informal atmosphere. 

The college is international in its profile. Over half of the students are from outside the UK, many from Europe but a number also from the USA, Canada, China, Japan and South East Asia. In all, over 50 countries are represented.

Fellows and students share all the college’s facilities equally so there are daily opportunities for graduates to meet and mix with fellows of the college. 

St Cross College is fully devoted to the furtherance of our students’ academic objectives. The college takes pride in giving all our students the opportunity for study in a haven of academic tranquillity uninterrupted by conferences during the vacations.

College tour

St Cross College: A Tour (descriptive PDF transcript)

College facilities

Library and IT services

The new West Wing at St Cross College offers a brand new lecture theatre, several seminar rooms, and a large library. 

St Cross College has a general library, including works by fellows and members of the college.  

All study-bedrooms have network connections and WiFi access is available throughout the main college site. 

Sport, music and college facilities

St Cross offers a range of events, often student-led. These include lectures, a photography competition, an art prize and visits to exhibitions, galleries and theatres.

The college has a number of sports clubs, and an arrangement with Wolfson College enables St Cross students to join their sporting clubs and teams (with use of facilities), including the very successful Wolfson College Boat Club.

Facilities for disabled students

Accommodation for disabled students is available both at the main site and at the college's Annexe on St Cross Road. Please contact the college about any accessibility requirements. 

Accommodation and meals


Accommodation is available at St Cross on a first-come, first-served basis. Rooms are available at the main site on St Giles, including the South Wing and the recently built West Wing. There are also rooms available in houses close to the main site and in the Annexe on St Cross Road. One flat and one suite of rooms are available for couples, although the college cannot provide accommodation suitable for families.

Laundry and kitchen facilities are available in all student accommodation areas.


Lunch is available in college during term and the vacation, except for short periods at Christmas and Easter, and a few weeks in August. There is a Hall Night every week during term when a three-course evening meal is served to college members and their guests. 

The college has a full termly calendar of special dinners including formal Guest Nights, a Junior Members’ Night, Wine Tasting sessions and much more. One highlight of the St Cross social calendar is the Feast offered each term.

Rooms are available at the main site on St Giles, including the South Wing and the recently built West Wing. 


This college accepts graduate students for the following courses:

Please note that not all subjects areas or streams of a particular course may be offered by this college. Please see the college information on the relevant course page for further details. For a comprehensive list of all graduate courses available at the University of Oxford, please refer to our courses A-Z listing


The college occupies a combination of traditional and modern buildings on a very central site on St Giles’, close to the main University facilities and the heart of the city.

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