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Applicant surveys

The University of Oxford seeks feedback from applicants in a variety of ways to understand how it can improve its service.

Applicant surveys cover the application process and the applicant experience both before and after the offer stage, including those who withdrew after being made offers. Applicants can also provide feedback at any time on the quality of our FAQ pages.

How do current applicants rate our performance?

In our 2018-19 applicant surveys:

  • 92% of respondents described the application process as 'good' or 'very good';
  • 99% of respondents rated the Graduate Admissions website as ‘useful’ or ‘very useful’; and
  • 90% of respondents reported their pre-offer contact with Graduate Admissions as positive.

Meanwhile, 77% of feedback from applicants on our FAQs in 2018-19 rated our answers as helpful. We also examine feedback data on individual questions to determine which answers need to be improved.

What have we improved?

We use your feedback to identify and prioritise initiatives to improve the applicant experience.  In the past few years, the following initiatives have been implemented:

  • introduction of fees and funding search tool to offer a personalised assessment of costs and scholarship opportunities;
  • self-service functionality to enable applicants to manage their application after submitting it; and
  • expanded FAQs for applicants and referees.

Does the University seek feedback from current students?

The University continues to seek feedback beyond the application stage and actively engages with current students to provide them with the opportunity to have their say about life at Oxford. The results from our student surveys and how we've responded to the feedback are accessible to applicants via our dedicated feedback and surveys page.

We are constantly looking to improve the service we provide. If you have feedback on any aspect of the applicant experience, please contact Graduate Admissions.

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