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Bridge of Sighs, Hertford College
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Courses accepting applications

Applications are still being accepted for entry in the 2024-25 academic year.

A-Z of courses that are open to applications

The table below contains a list of courses that are currently open to applications and use the standard graduate application form. The table can be filtered to display courses that have reopened to applications and/or courses that have been continuously open to applications since the start of the admissions cycle.

Filter by admissions status

Please select the course you are interested in for further information about how to apply and the closing date for applications.

Table of courses accepting applications via the standard graduate application form (42 in total, updated 19 July)
CourseApplications acceptedAdmission status
Applied Theology MThFull and part time studyOpen
Applied Theology PGDipFull and part time studyOpen
Biology DPhilFull time studyOpen
Chemistry DPhilFull time studyOpen
Chemistry MSc by ResearchFull time studyOpen
Clinical Medicine DPhilFull and part time studyOpen
Computer Science DPhilFull time studyOpen
Condensed Matter Physics DPhilFull time studyOpen
Doctorate in Medicine (DM) DMPart time studyOpen
Earth Sciences DPhilFull time studyOpen
Educational Assessment MScPart time studyOpen
Engineering Science DPhilFull and part time studyOpen
Experimental and Translational Therapeutics MScPart time studyOpen
Fusion Power (EPSRC CDT) Full and part time studyOpen
Future Propulsion and Power (EPSRC CDT) Full time studyOpen
Health Research PGCertPart time studyOpen
Health Research PGDipPart time studyOpen
Inorganic Materials for Advanced Manufacturing  Full time studyOpen
Intellectual Property MScPart time studyOpen
Learning and Teaching MScPart time studyOpen
Materials 4.0 Full and part time studyOpen
Materials DPhilFull time studyOpen
Molecular Cell Biology in Health and Disease DPhilFull time studyOpen
Nanotechnology for Medicine and Health Care MScPart time studyOpen
Nanotechnology PGCertPart time studyOpen
Paediatric Infectious Diseases MScPart time studyOpen
Paediatric Infectious Diseases PGCertPart time studyOpen
Paediatric Infectious Diseases PGDipPart time studyOpen
Particle Physics DPhilFull time studyOpen
Psychiatry DPhilFull and part time studyOpen
Psychiatry MSc by ResearchFull and part time studyOpen
Qualitative Health Research Methods PGCertPart time studyOpen
Sleep Medicine MScPart time studyOpen
Sleep Medicine PGDipPart time studyOpen
Statistics and Epidemiology PGCertPart time studyOpen
Statistics DPhilFull time studyOpen
Statistics MSc by ResearchFull time studyOpen
Surgical Sciences DPhilFull time studyOpen
Surgical Sciences MSc by ResearchFull time studyOpen
Sustainable Approaches to Biomedical Science (EPSRC CDT) Full time studyOpen
Teacher Education MScPart time studyOpen
Theoretical and Computational Chemistry MScFull time studyOpen

Courses that have a separate application process

Information about the status of courses that have a separate application process can be accessed via the relevant course page. Courses that have a separate application process include:

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