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Radcliffe Science Library, Parks Road, Oxford
The current Radcliffe Science Library will form part of the new college
Credit: Bodleian Libraries

Reuben College

About the college

Oxford’s newest college is dedicated to fostering interdisciplinary exchange within an inclusive and impact-oriented community.

As a member of the first cohort of students, you will have a unique opportunity to help shape the college’s ethos and activities, creating a diverse and intellectually-stimulating community that addresses the big questions of the 21st century. In that endeavour, you will be supported by world-leading researchers who are fellows of the college.

The college is situated in architecturally-renowned buildings in the middle of the Science Area and close to the University Parks, and within five minutes’ walking distance of the centre of Oxford.

At Reuben College you will be provided with an academic experience that complements and enhances your departmental activities, supporting you to engage with a wide range of people across disciplines, professional career stages and types of expertise, including close association with public engagement and entrepreneurship teams. By stimulating intellectual curiosity, facilitating cross-disciplinary knowledge exchange, and placing your academic activities within a wider context, Reuben College provides an exciting and supportive environment for academic growth.

For its inaugural students in October 2021, college life will be built on a rich programme of interdisciplinary activities, which will enable you to explore the intersection of your doctoral research or master’s studies with other disciplines. In its first years, these activities will largely cluster around the broad themes of artificial intelligence and machine learning, environmental change, and cellular life.

You will also find a strong entrepreneurial spirit running through the college, supported by a Digital Innovation Studio equipped with cutting-edge technologies, and a programme of public engagement and outreach initiatives.

Accommodation and meals


Accommodation for nearly all first-year students is provided at Farndon Court, a newly-refurbished complex, which is about a ten-minute walk away from the main college buildings. A mix of 100 single, double and studio accommodation units is available, with also some accessible units – please email to enquire about these. All single rooms share bathrooms and kitchens within small clusters, complemented by a number of large communal living and kitchen spaces.

Students who elect not to live in Farndon Court can find help seeking alternative options through the University’s Graduate Accommodation Office. The office manages a wide range of accommodation types, as well as the application process through which graduate students can be considered for University-owned accommodation.


The college offers weekday breakfast and lunches, as well as weekend brunches, on the main college site throughout the year. An all-day café service to facilitate spontaneous gatherings and discussion over coffee or a meal is also provided. Reuben has made a commitment to provide an excellent catering service with food locally and sustainably-sourced whenever possible, with an emphasis on high-quality vegetarian meals. All meals are priced individually and subsidised for students.

You will have the opportunity to sign up to a range of both formal dinners and informal suppers throughout the academic year. In particular, we anticipate that on one night per week during each Full Term, there will be a formal dinner in the 19th- century dining hall on the main site, and on another an informal supper with a short presentation (for example from a guest speaker, graduate, or academic) followed by a question and answer session. Personal circumstances allowing, both students and academic staff will be strongly encouraged to shape the college community through attendance at these events. There is no ‘High Table’, and so the fellows and students present eat lunch and dinner together.

Library and IT services

Reuben College shares its main site with the Radcliffe Science Library, the University’s science library, which is situated on the top floor of the college’s Jackson and Worthington buildings. This allows Reuben College students to benefit from specialist services and the Library’s collections of over 20,000 books on open shelves, as well as e-books for all subject areas covered by the college’s interdisciplinary themes.

As well as printing and scanning facilities available on the college site, the newly-built on-site Digital Innovation Studio provides access to a suite of virtual reality, 3D-scanning and podcasting equipment that allows you to engage with new technologies to advance research, study and outreach initiatives.

All college buildings (including residential sites) will have high-speed network connections and access to University of Oxford WiFi services, OWL and Eduroam.

Sport, music and college facilities

You will have the opportunity to participate fully in extra-curricular student life in a college that supports a holistic understanding of health, well-being, and personal growth.

A student-run committee will lead social events, which may include book clubs, film screenings, days out or other activities that are developed by and for the students, with the support of the college, and you will have access to a full range of sporting, social and recreational activities, either organised by the college or through partnership with other colleges. Students of Reuben College will thus be able to meet, socialise, and compete, with other students across the University in their sport, music, drama and art.

The college has close links with the University’s Gardens, Libraries and Museums, and is co-located with a number of stunning museum collections, accessible to Reuben students through the support of dedicated post-holders.

Facilities for students with disabilities

You will find an inclusive approach to provision for all students. Regular liaison with student representatives, architects and building contractors during the re-development of the main site has ensured that students with specific needs are able to participate fully in college activities and services. The college is supported by a linked NHS practice, two linked advisors from the University’s Disability Advisory Service (one specifically supporting mental health), a link University Counselling Service contact, and a dedicated college Welfare Advisor.

The main college buildings are fully wheelchair accessible and there are specially-adapted rooms in the Farndon Court accommodation site for students with disabilities. Applicants with disabilities or special access requirements are welcome to contact the college to discuss their individual requirements: both the Bursar and Senior Tutor act as ‘Disability Leads’ for the college.


In addition to the all-day café service, facilities on the main site include a common room, meeting rooms, TV room, a welfare snug, a self-service bar and a games area.

All Reuben College students are members of what is commonly described in Oxford as the MCR (Middle Common Room), of which elected members serve to support the graduate community, and represent students on all major college committees. As well as social and other events organised across the year, your first weeks at the college will include an introduction to the diverse opportunities available, enabling you to get to know other students at the college, and introduce the college’s programmes. All activities will be organised with sensitivity to diverse cultural backgrounds and encourage full participation by all students.


This college accepts graduate students for the following courses:

Please note that not all subjects areas or streams of a particular course may be offered by this college. Please see the college information on the relevant course page for further details. For a comprehensive list of all graduate courses available at the University of Oxford, please refer to our courses A-Z listing

Location map

The college will share its building with the historic Radcliffe Science Library and a new Museums Collections Teaching and Research Centre. The building is currently undergoing an extensive programme of refurbishment, which will create exceptional new spaces and facilities for teaching, study, research, public engagement and social interactions.

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