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St Edmund Hall
The Front Quad, St Edmund Hall.
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St Edmund Hall

St Edmund Hall is a college renowned for its friendly, tolerant and progressive outlook. The college's students are brought together by shared intellectual curiosity and academic ambition. Studying here, you will rapidly become part of a large but inclusive community with a strong sense of identity.

Graduate students are fully integrated into life at the college through academic, social, cultural and sporting events. Interactions between graduates and fellows are facilitated through MCR/SCR academic events based at the Norham Gardens site. 

St Edmund Hall is able to consider applications in most fields and each graduate is allocated a College Adviser who is available for consultation on matters of academic course progression and personal matters. Various events are held to welcome graduate students and provide opportunities for academic and social interaction throughout the academic year.

Accommodation and meals

St Edmund Hall aims to accommodate all first year graduates. The main accommodation site is the attractive St Edmund Hall Graduate Centre in Norham Gardens, close to the University Parks, shops and many University Departments. This is a prime location within Oxford and only a short walk from the main college site and departments and libraries. The Centre includes a laundry, gym, computing room, common room and television room.

Much of our graduate accommodation comprises fully-furnished single rooms. Additionally, there are a small number of self-contained flats for couples as well as a self-contained house, some of which can also house families.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served in the main dining hall, prepared by the College’s award-winning chef. In addition there are excellent self-catering kitchen facilities on the Norham Gardens site. At St Edmund Hall, graduates may also dine with fellows at High Table at Formal Hall each week.

Library and IT services

The library of St Edmund Hall is located on our main site within the Norman Church of St Peter-in-the-East, making it a beautiful setting for study. This library is well-stocked and additional special collections are held in the separate 17th-century ‘Old Library’, also on the main site of the college.

All college sites, including public areas, libraries, common rooms and study bedroom accommodation, have wireless internet provision.

The college has dedicated computer rooms, with printing facilities, located on the main site and at the Norham Gardens accommodation.

Sport, music and college facilities

The college has a long tradition in drama, music, the arts and journalism. A strong artistic community is built around the John Oldham Drama Society, vibrant and expanding musical activities led by our Director of Music, and termly creative writing workshops coordinated by tutors in English.

St Edmund Hall students participate in many sports with clubs that cater for all abilities. There is a dedicated multi-gym at our Norham Gardens centre; we also retain pitches within the University Parks, and have a boathouse on the River Isis.

Facilities for students with disabilities

Although many of the college's buildings are old, most main areas of the college are accessible. Ongoing projects continue to improve physical access. Specific adjustments can be made on the basis of individual students’ needs. You are encouraged to contact the college early on to discuss your requirements.


Graduates have their own popular common room, the Middle Common Room (MCR), on the front quadrangle of the main site. In the MCR, newspapers and magazines are available, and tea and coffee are served throughout the day. 

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