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    Buildings works in the Science Area

    Which areas of Oxford are affected?

    The buildings involved are on the corner of Parks Road and South Parks Road.  They are the two wings of the Radcliffe Science Library (Worthington and Jackson buildings), Abbot’s Kitchen (next to the Museum of Natural History) and the adjoining parts of the Inorganic Chemistry Lab.

    What impact will the works have?

    You may not be able to pass through the Science Area as quickly or as easily as usual.

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    Welfare advice: self care in self isolation

    Some international students travelling to Oxford this Michaelmas Term will start the academic year with two weeks’ self-isolation, while UK students may need to self-isolate due to exposure to COVID-19. For some, this may present significant practical and psychological challenges.

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    Getting Started: IT at Oxford

    Once your department has confirmed to you that you have met all the conditions of your offer, you should return your completed University card form in line with the guidance provided by your department. We will then create your University card (Student ID) and your Single Sign-On (SSO) account, as well as provide you with a username and password to access many services at Oxford. This includes your email account, the student self-service portal and access to the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). 

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    Talking about the “S word” on World Suicide Prevention Day

     Today on World Suicide Prevention Day, it is important to know that help is out there for anyone who is feeling at risk. Suicide is the biggest killer of people under 35 in the UK, according to PAPYRUS, a charity for the prevention of suicide in young people.

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    Testing for COVID-19: Early Alert Service now open

    The University’s Testing for COVID-19: Early Alert Service (EAS) is now open. EAS is a free service that provides rapid access to tests for both students and staff. Designed for a University environment, the service will ensure that members of the University who become unwell are quickly identified. The rapid response also protects others from transmission.

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    Book recommendations to celebrate World Literacy Day 2020

    Today is International Literacy Day, a day dedicated to reading and learning. And while it can be hard to find time to read for fun during term time, it’s a great way to relax.

    Three Oxford students shared their book recommendations and why they love them.

    Read more below to find out why Alex, Christian and Matteo are so fond of these stories. 

    Alex Beukers, English, 3rd year – 'An Imaginary Life', David Malouf

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    Meet the student interns helping the University to prepare for the next academic year

    What are you working on to help new and returning students next year?

    In Team 1, one of our main projects is to ensure that students can give feedback to steer the University’s teaching strategies. We’ll be analysing the use of university-wide surveys, exploring the creators’ strategies for outreach, and considering alternative strategies which could encourage students to give crucial feedback.

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    Celebrating Ramadan in lockdown

    What inspired you to set up the magazine? 

    The impetus to keep the community connected was there and we were all keen to get the project underway, so it was just the perfect time to set up a magazine.

    A lot of the inspiration to set up the magazine came from simply being able to observe the bonds that already existed amongst ISoc members — we realised that a magazine would further strengthen these bonds and bring together individuals from all corners of the society.