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    Sackler: relationship review

    Following this review, the University has decided that the University buildings, spaces and staff positions using the Sackler name will no longer do so.  

    These review outcomes have had the full support of the Sackler family and were approved by the University Council on 15 May 2023. 

    The institutions, posts and funds where the Sackler name will be removed include:

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    Student stories: Preparing for the University Ultra Run

    The journey so far

    I grew up and went to school in Gawler, South Australia. I was awarded a Tuckwell Scholarship to attend the Australian National University (ANU) in Canberra where I completed a Bachelor of Philosophy – Science with Honours in Medical Research. I am part-way through completing a Doctor of Medicine and Surgery at the ANU Medical School, however I was selected as the 2021 Rhodes Scholar for South Australia which led to me taking leave from medical school to study at the University of Oxford.

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    Oxford University awarded University of Sanctuary status

    The status recognises Oxford’s continued determination and initiatives to aid sanctuary seekers, whether they be students, staff or members of the local community. 

    Universities of Sanctuary make up a national network which collectively strives to make higher education institutions places of safety, solidarity and empowerment for people seeking sanctuary.

  • Oxford Sanctuary Fair - Thursday 11 May 2023

    Oxford Sanctuary Fair 2023

    If you are concerned with the ongoing refugee crisis brought on by war, environmental disaster and beyond, would like to do more to support people seeking sanctuary, either as a student volunteer, campaigner, or in your future career, then come along to Oxford’s first town-and-gown Sanctuary Fair. 

    Thursday 11 May, 10:30am - 6:30pm at Oxford Town Hall

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    Student Stories: The impact of eco-stress

    Understanding student mental health 

    Global extinction. Climate Change. Habitat Destruction. Climate Migration. Ecosystem Degradation. These are topics covered by many students studying in the field of conservation and the environment. Whether these students are undertaking courses in geography, economics, or biology, such issues carry a heavy weight, which has been shown to impact student mental health particularly.

  • Exams: Celebrate Sustainably

    Exams: Celebrate Sustainably and avoid a fine

    Students are encouraged to celebrate their achievements responsibly, just as many did last year, by avoiding 'trashing'.

    It's not an Oxford tradition, it's anti-social behaviour, and whatever you use (even if it's biodegradable) still needs clearing up. 

    If you litter by throwing, pouring or spraying substances after your exams, you will be liable to a £150 fine, which will be strictly enforced as a breach of the University's Code of Discipline

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    Trinity term message to Oxford students from the Vice-Chancellor

  • Oxford student Ashwin Jainarayanan

    Student stories: My TB journey

    At age 26, Ashwin first noticed something was wrong while playing badminton. His reactions were slower, and he was tiring more easily when he played. However, it would be a year before he began treatment for TB.

    Symptoms causing concern 

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    Student Welfare and Support Services reports reflect increased demand for support in 2021/22

    In 2021/22, 3,595 students (13.8% of the student body) sought counselling, up from 3,440 students (13.5%) seen in the previous academic year. In-person provision returned to the Student Welfare offices in September 2021. Anxiety remained the largest presenting issue for Oxford students, increasing from 30.9% in 2020/21 to 33.7% in 21/22. This figure has doubled since 2018 and reflects reports of increased anxiety in the general population, and particularly in young adults, during the pandemic.