This page shows the status of the eDocuments service including planned maintenance times. 

The eDocuments service is available. There is no planned maintenance until 17-19 September 2022. Please notify any unexpected errors to edocuments.support@admin.ox.ac.uk or use the reporting function on the service when logged in.

Known issues:

  • we are aware that some degree confirmation letters issued by the previous eDocuments service appear to be missing information when first viewed on the new site. Please email us at edocuments.support@admin.ox.ac.uk to request that your letter is refreshed, if this error persists. 
  • we cannot issue on-course transcripts at this time. Please see our Transcripts page to order copies. 
  • if you have multiple awards from before 2007 we may not be able to issue all documents yet. We are working to make these available as soon as possible. 

Students and alumni should register and log in on the student site. If you have not registered before you will need your student number. Please email documents@admin.ox.ac.uk with your full name and date of birth to obtain this.  

Third parties should register and log in on the third party site. 

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