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  • Oxford student, Fiona Zeka

    Student Spotlight: Belonging at Oxford

    The Journey So Far

    Picture this. Tower Hamlets, one of London’s most deprived boroughs. My dad, an immigrant, and my mum, a refugee. My dad, a carpenter in a country which didn’t welcome him. He wanted to be an economist. My mum, whose fine art studies at the University of Pristina were cut short by genocide and war. Well, they fell in love. We lived in a tiny flat, in an estate where people worried more about what was next on their child’s plate rather than what will be next in their educational journey.

  • Lord Patten of Barnes, Chancellor of Oxford University with Oxford SU's President (right) and VP for Graduates (left)

    Students help nominate Oxford's new Vice-Chancellor

    "I am privileged to have had the opportunity to represent students in the nomination of a person, who is this crucial to our University. That too, for the first time in its very long history. It was a wonderful and enlightening experience to understand the sheer hard work, insights and knowledge that goes into the process. 

    The committee and the candidates were very encouraging of the student opinion, which was promising for us and for all the future student representatives who will have the privilege to sit on this committee eventually. 

  • Image of student Amelia Talbot

    Building on our pandemic experiences: DPhil Research Assistant

    Adapting to remote research
    I'm a qualitative researcher, which means that face-to-face contact is really important. You can pick up on body language in your analysis. You get to know if the participant is more distressed or if something is more important to them.

  • Oxford student, Tabitha Musa.

    Student Spotlight: Oxford-Arlan Hamilton & Earline Butler Sims Scholar

    Embracing the Oxford experience 

  • Chimdi Okpalauko headshot.

    Building on our pandemic experiences: Chimdi Okpalauko

    “I started at Oxford in October 2020, in technically what was still the pandemic. Even though I’m in my second year now I still feel as though I’m a fresher; in terms of not really knowing where the faculty building was until Michaelmas of my second year or knowing which libraries to get books from. That learning experience you usually have as a fresher, I’m having now and having to juggle that as a second year with a second year’s workload.

  • Oxford city viewed from Hinksey Hill. Rob Judges Photography

    Reports highlight changing use of student welfare services during the pandemic

    The University of Oxford has today published its Student Support and Welfare Services (SWSS) Reports for the 2020/21 academic year.  The Reports provide insights into the experiences of students using the University’s Counselling, Disability Advisory, and Sexual Harassment and Violence Support Services, and reveal an increase in demand for SWSS services during the COVID-19 pandemic.  In total, there were more than 10,800 student contacts with SWSS in 2020/21.

  • Person in a blue shirt at home, sat in an armchair looking at their laptop. Photo by Surface on Unsplash

    Top tips for secure online study and exams

    Don’t share your account details with anyone. Mistakes can happen, so use your own account on your device, not one that is shared, even with other members of your family or household. 

  • Joe Wilson, medical student, throwing his mortar board in the air

    Building on our pandemic experiences: Joe Wilson, medical student

    An early-career pandemic
    “Throughout medical school before COVID, we always talked about the fact that there was always a very real potential for a pandemic, and I think that a lot of people were putting their money on it being a coronavirus that was going to be the cause of it. Everyone always talks about flu and Spanish flu and swine flu. 

  • Oxford student Nicholas Chow

    Student Spotlight: Oxford Cambridge Arc student panellist

    The journey so far

    I’m a second-year DPhil student from Trinidad and Tobago studying in the Department of Geography and the Environment through Linacre College.

    At the University, the thing that I’m most involved with is rowing where I’m on the men’s captains’ team for Linacre College. I’m also an avid cook and a lover of board games of all kinds.

    Oxford Cambridge Arc

  • Cycling in Oxford through the blossom. Oxford University Images.

    Cycle safety pop-up events in Oxford

    The University is holding a series of cycle safety events around the city to discuss safety concerns and provide advice about how cyclists can avoid danger on the roads.

    All are welcome to attend the following events from 10am – 3pm: