Oxford skyline with the Radcliffe Camera in centre
Oxford skyline with the Radcliffe Camera in centre

Credit: John Cairns

Fees for students continuing study in 2024-25

The University and colleges would like to support and encourage students to plan ahead for managing the financial commitments of their course of study. Students who are continuing their course next year are remindedto check theircourse fees for 2024-25 in good time 

Course fees for the 2024-25 academic year have been published on the fees and funding pages of the Oxford Students website. All continuing students are encouraged to check fees payable for the forthcoming year, and begin planning as soon as possible.

Theonline course fees tableand a search tool for fees, funding and scholarships is also available. Fees at Oxford increase annually,and you may find your course fees for 2024-25 are higher than those estimated in your Financial Declaration Form prior to starting your course. This is due to the difficult national economic situation and unusually high rates of inflation, which contribute to the calculations for continuing fees.

Information on likely living costs is updated annually, and a range of resources to support students in planning their finances are available online. Any students facing concerns about funding should speak to their college (or department if fees are collected by their department) as soon as possible. 

Please note, fee increases will not affect undergraduate students with Home fee status in 2024-25. Current University policy is to charge fees at the level of the cap set by the UK Government and the Home rate of course fees therefore remains at £9,250 for 2024-25. Published fees for subsequent academic years are availablefrom the start of each September.