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    Student Spotlight: How everything I worked for became worth it

    The journey so far

    I remember the first thing my mom said to me when I brought her to visit me in college, “Who would have thought a little girl in Hounslow Jamaica would grow up to have a daughter study in Oxford University,” and it was in that moment that everything I had worked for became worth it for me.

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    Student Spotlight: Enhancing your student experience through entrepreneurship

    What are you involved in outside of your studies?

    I run my own social enterprise She. which works to reverse taught prejudice by rewriting classic fairy tales with a modern twist, each highlighting a different form of discrimination.

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    Postgraduate research outreach opportunities

    The University’s Central Outreach Team run a wide variety of outreach activity, and often have teaching, instructional design and other opportunities. Below are examples of some of the work that postgrads and early career academics have undertaken in the past:

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    Student Spotlight: How to live sustainably in Oxford

    Make the change

    Living in Oxford is a brilliant opportunity to find new sustainable foods, items, shops, practices and more. Everyone can practice sustainability in a different way and every change we make matters.

    A simple switch can have a huge multiplier effect. Here are my tips to help you find ways and places to live more sustainably in Oxford.

    How to reduce food waste

    I found this to be the easiest for me as I had more control over where I could shop, cook and make than I did at home

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    Meet the LGBT+ Society's Race and Ethnic-Minority Officer

    The journey so far

    My name is Savannah and I am a second-year from London studying German at Lady Margaret Hall. I am also one of the two Race and Ethnic-minority officers (RAEM) for the University of Oxford LGBT+ Society

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    #WelcomeToOxford 2021

    If you're new to the University, #WelcomeToOxford, and if you're a returning student, welcome back.

    The past year has been challenging and lots has changed, but we’re here to support all our students and get you ready for the best start possible. We want everyone to experience the very best that Oxford has to offer, which is why we're encouraging everyone to play their part in helping to reduce the risk of COVID-19

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    COVID-19 tips for your first term from an Oxford medical student

    Dear Fellow Student, 

    Welcome to Oxford and the University and I hope you settle in well!

    Although the world around us is beginning to look and feel a lot less abnormal than it was, there are still precautions that we must take to ensure we all avoid COVID-19 within our college, department and wider University communities.  Here I outline what precautions you should take as an individual, and I will answer some of the questions you are likely to have. 

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    Shape the future of digital education at Oxford

    The University is updating its Digital Education Strategy in light of rapid changes in the student learning experience.

    The current Digital Education Strategy was endorsed in 2016 and we have since made extraordinary progress in our online teaching and learning offering - dramatically accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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    Re-entering a social world

    Taking the first steps 

    As COVID-19 restrictions begin to ease, you may feel anxious or ambivalent about re-engaging with a social world. If so, you are not alone. In some cases, this may result from continued anxiety about the pandemic: it may be hard to trust that socialising is safe. Or you may worry you won’t have the confidence and social skills to navigate in a social world.