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Trashing: What a Waste

We understand you want to celebrate after your final exams, but please consider the social, environmental and personal impacts of trashing. It’s:

A waste of food

  • One in four people in the UK worry about not having enough food to eat*, and food banks are active here in Oxford. 
  • Don’t waste food and drink on trashing
  • Don’t bring any to exam venues. If you do, food boxes will be available, so that you can donate to local food banks and help local people in need.

A waste of money

  • Trashing costs the University more than £25,000 each year
  • Money spent on security and cleaning up after trashing could be spent on improving student facilities and services

A wasted opportunity to celebrate in style

  • Students aren’t allowed in the local pubs or restaurants if they have been trashed

Trashing is also disruptive and dangerous

Think about the impact your mess will have on other students and the community:

  • In recent years trashing has resulted in students and residents being admitted to hospital through slipping on trashing materials
  • Trashing is disruptive for local residents, and wasting food reinforces negative stereotypes about Oxford students
  • Non-biodegradable goods are harmful to animal life, while paint damages clothes and the environment
  • Trashing is particularly disruptive to those who are still sitting their exams. If you’re going to celebrate, do it away from exam centres

Remember, trashing is against the University’s Code of ConductIt could lead to disciplinary action and up to a £300 fine. 

Please think carefully when celebrating after your exams, and follow the do’s and don’ts:



- Celebrate without making a mess

- Think about the impact your actions will have on other students, the local community and the University’s reputation 

- Celebrate away from exam centres

- Think about the money you could save yourself and the University by not trashing

- Waste food and drink on trashing

- Celebrate with anything that requires cleaning, like non-biodegradable materials, paint or foam. 

For more information, visit the Proctors’ Office website.

*Source: End Hunger UK

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