Stop trashing: Protect our community

Stop trashing: Protect our community

We understand you want to celebrate after your exams, especially after the challenges of this year. However, trashing has significant negative social, financial and personal impacts.

This year, taking part in trashing is also likely to risk breaching COVID-19 rules – putting the wider community at risk.

Trashing is against the University’s Student Code of Conduct and can lead to disciplinary action and fines. Please do not take part in it.

Avoid the disruption

  • Trashing is disruptive to our Oxford community 

  • Wasting food reinforces negative stereotypes about Oxford students 

  • Whatever you use, it still needs cleaning up and has a negative impact on the environment

  • In recent years trashing has resulted in students and residents being admitted to hospital through slipping on trashing materials 

Money better spent elsewhere

  • Trashing costs the University more than £25,000 each year
  • Money spent on security and cleaning up after trashing could be spent on improving student facilities and services
  • Money wasted on food and other materials could be donated to those most in need in Oxford. e.g. through food banks 

A wasted opportunity to celebrate in style

  • Students aren’t allowed in the local pubs or restaurants if they have been trashed. Don’t miss out on your chance to enjoy them once they re-open

Protect our community

  • Let’s continue to help stop the spread of COVID-19 
  • It is against the law to gather in more than six people or two households up until 17 May at the earliest. After that point, groups of more than 30 will not be allowed
  • Please continue to remain vigilant around social distancing and avoid gatherings, particularly in public places. A small meet-up can quickly grow, putting everyone at risk, and you may be liable to Police fines
  • You must not congregate around the Exam Schools after your exams – or meet other students finishing their exams. Security Services will be present at the Exam Schools and Police in the city centre to disperse groups

Remember, trashing is against the University’s Code of ConductIt could lead to disciplinary action and up to a £300 fine. It is also likely to breach Government and University COVID-19 health guidance, and the Student Responsibility Agreement.

Please think carefully when celebrating after your exams, and follow the do’s and don’ts:



- Celebrate without making a mess

- Think about the impact your actions will have on other students, the local community and the University’s reputation

- Celebrate responsibly

- Think about the money you could save yourself and the University by not trashing

- Follow all Government and University COVID-19 guidance   

- Waste food, drink or other items on trashing

- Celebrate with anything that requires cleaning, even if it's biodegradable

- Congregate in groups larger than allowed within COVID-19 guidance

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