Photo of a wall calendar.
Photo of a wall calendar.

Annual re-registration

Deadline for 2022/23 re-registrations is on Friday 21 October (week 2)

Re-registration is annual, by the end of 2nd week of Michaelmas Term, by filling in and submitting the re-registration form, together with documentation specified in the re-registration form. The form should be submitted by the secretary. Confirmation of re-registration will be emailed to the Club Secretary normally within 14 working days. 

The re-registration form is only accessible to University users. You must be physically connected to the University network or use VPN (virtual private network).

Steps the secretary must take to keep the club registered:

  • Re-register your club annually by 2nd week of Michaelmas
  • Notify the Clubs Office about changes to your club’s officers during the year. Use this for to report changes to your committee composition after annual re-registration. 
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