Do you already know what you want to study? Have you explored all our courses in the subject areas which interest you?

Make sure you really know your options and don’t immediately go for the obvious choice. The most inspiring course may be something you didn’t know existed!

Choosing what to study

Some things to bear in mind when making this important decision.

A-Z of courses

All about each course, including the core syllabus, options and assessment.

Selection criteria

Visit the department's website to find out what tutors are looking for in applications for the course you are interested in.

About your studies

Where, how and by whom will you be taught at Oxford?

Your academic year

How long are the terms? When will you have exams? Find out about the structure of an Oxford student's year.

What it costs

Make sure you know how much your course will cost and about the support available to help you pay for it.

Which colleges offer my course?

Check which colleges offer the course you are interested in.