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  • Improving your Oxford experience: Student surveys

    Current Surveys

    There are two surveys taking place this term for students, giving you an opportunity to share your views about studying here:

    Michaelmas term teaching and learning survey for taught students

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    SSO log-in changes


    The University is implementing multi-factor authentication (MFA) for all Oxford Single Sign-On (SSO) users across the University.

    This is being rolled out in stages, alphabetically by surname, commencing January 2021.

    This means you will be asked to verify your SSO account using a second factor, such as a text message, code from an app on your mobile phone or via a telephone call.

  • Take the Christmas travel test

    Take the Christmas Travel Test. Protect the people you love.

    Colleges are now arranging Christmas Travel Tests ahead of the Student Travel Window from 3-9 December. You will be asked to take two tests in your college, three days apart before you leave Oxford. In most cases you will need to book via the Testing for COVID-19 Early Alert Service and should leave Oxford as soon as possible after your second negative test.

  • Society spotlight: Oxford first generation society

    Society Spotlight: Oxford First Generation Society

    "Oxford First-Gen Society is a supportive and active community for students who are the first generation in their family to attend university.

    First-gen students are often the target of access programmes to help them gain a place at university; our society aims to ensure these students have equal opportunities, support, and necessary guidance once they arrive here at Oxford.

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    Graduate accommodation advisory service

    A new University signposting service has been set up to operate on a short-term basis to direct full-time, graduate students to potential sources of accommodation in Oxford. This involves the colleges, the University’s Graduate Accommodation Office and the private sector.

    If you require assistance in finding accommodation, please email

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    Latest end of term and vacation arrangements

    To read the latest about end of term and Christmas vacation arrangements, please visit our dedicated Christmas vacation page on the COVID-19 response site. 

  • Image of Maribel Schonewolff wearing a face mask. A quote reads "I'd like to see more events tailored towards the needs of those from ethnic minority backgrounds and marginalised groups"

    An Oxford student's views on the importance of events for Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic students

    As an international student and person of colour I thought the BAME Leadership event run by Oxford SU offered a new angle that I’d never thought about before. It made me realise there should be more dedicated events like this. It looked like it would offer me the skills and tools to advance in my career but also an opportunity to meet people.

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    End of term and Christmas vacation arrangements

    Following the UK Government's announcement on Wednesday 11 November about plans for the end of term, the University has published the latest information about arrangements for Oxford students for the Christmas vacation.

    There's still some detail to be confirmed, but our new, dedicated page will be updated as this becomes clear.

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    Launch of the Student Mental Health Task Force

    We all know that the pandemic has brought mental health challenges for students at Oxford this year. The combination of COVID restrictions and larger than usual numbers of undergraduate and graduate students, in a setting which is fast changing and uncertain, has produced a difficult mix. The University has seen a significant uplift in demand for our welfare services, both in term-time and vacation; and a blurring of the lines between the two. With the country in lockdown, and a constrained winter break ahead, achieving mental balance can seem as distant as next summer.