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  • May Morning Choir 2020 Online. Credits: Magdalen College, University of Oxford

    May Morning online celebration

    As it would be illegal for more than six people or two households to gather, and as there will be no event at Magdalen Tower, you will be able to enjoy the celebrations at home.

    #MayMorning will begin online on Saturday 1 May, just before 6am, opened by the Choir of Magdalen College. You can watch the event live by visiting The Choir of Magdalen College's Facebook page or their Youtube Channel.

  • Stop trashing: protect our community

    Stop trashing: Protect our community

    We understand how much you’ll want to celebrate after your exams, whether you’ve completed them online or in-person, and especially after this past year. Even as restrictions start to ease, it’s vital that you continue to socially distance and avoid joining large gatherings that could breach COVID guidance. That’s why we’re asking students not to take part in ‘trashing’ after exams this year. 

    There are many ways to celebrate your achievements without causing the social, financial,

  • inspera banner

    Get exam-ready: take a practice exam in Inspera

    Practice exams include generic questions, are not subject-specific, and provide a good opportunity to practise all the core Inspera functionality that you’ll need for your real exams. 

  • An Oxford Conversation: The Impact of Fake News on our Lives

    Update your eduroam settings

    On 5 March 2021, the current security certificate for connecting to eduroam Wi-Fi was retired and a new certificate took effect. This means that everyone connecting to eduroam using a laptop, phone or tablet computer will need to reconfigure the Wi-Fi of their device to keep using eduroam. It shouldn't take long and you can do this immediately – there is no need to wait until you return to the University.

    For further information on this, please visit the Update your eduroam settings page.

  • Oxford Crankstart Scholars

    Student Spotlight: Meet an Oxford Crankstart Scholar

    My name is Ellen and I’m a second year English student at Keble College, Oxford. I’ve been in the position you are in now as offer holders, unsure what to expect at University, and can say I’ve really loved my time at Oxford so far.

  • People walking under the Bridge of Sighs at sunset

    Advice about returning to Oxford

    If you do not have in-person teaching scheduled, you may be able to return to Oxford if you meet the criteria listed in the ‘returning to Oxford’ section of the student University coronavirus webpage. Existing advice for international students is also available on that page.

  • Two people sitting at a table talking. Credits: Ekatarina Bolovtsovia via Unsplash

    Student Peer Supporters

    Learning how to listen

    Lion: "Peer Support training is an extensive course provided by the Student Welfare and Support Services, teaching you a lot of invaluable interpersonal skills, most importantly active listening and offering a safe space for your conversation partner to talk about anything that concerns them.

  • trees from a ground perspective. Credits: Anton Atanasov via Pexels

    Environmental Sustainability Strategy gets the go ahead

    As students at Oxford, you will be significant in the Strategy's implementation. The University will also establish a new Oxford Sustainability Fund of £200 million for sustainability initiatives over the next fifteen years. This investment forms part of an integrated approach to achieve our aims, in line with broader sustainability targets across the University. 

  • Oxford Against Sexual Violence banner. Credits: University of Oxford

    Oxford Against Sexual Violence

    The Sexual Harassment and Violence Support Service is an award-winning provision for survivors regardless of age, gender or sexual orientation who have been affected by sexual harassment or violence. We recognise that cases are different and the support and advice they offer will be tailored to your own individual circumstances and need, and your choices about what you would like to do next. 

  • person on their bed. Credits: Alex Green via Unsplash

    Managing stress and worry

    You may find it helpful to learn to adapt your approach, thinking and behaviours in ways that can reduce the impact of uncertainty and make you feel more positive about the future.

    Togetherall has a range of self-help courses (login required) to help you feel more in control of your emotional health, and the managing stress and worry course guides you through your lifestyle, sleep, schedules and forward planning.