Digital transformation text with a tree-like symbol with different coloured circles
Digital transformation

Oxford’s digital transformation

Together, we are imagining how Oxford University’s culture, processes and technology must evolve in the digital era.

A major transformation of the University's processes, culture and technology is underway.

The Digital Transformation programme will enable Oxford to be digitally fit for the future, making it easier for everyone to study and work here.

We want to work together with students to ensure your voices are heard as part of the programme. If you're interested in joining an informal focus group, please register your interest and we'll be in contact. 

Focus areas

  1. New possibilities
    Innovating to advance teaching and research, and its dissemination by digital means.
  2. Enriching experiences
    Enhancing staff, student, public, and collaborator experiences in a hybrid world.
  3. Global impact
    Meeting our civic duty, not only locally and regionally, but globally and for our planet.
  4. Simplicity
    Simplifying processes and systems to save time, minimise effort, and reduce burden from workarounds and unconnected data and technologies.
  5. Growth opportunities
    Exploring new business models to increase revenue through online education, engagement and commercial activities.