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  • Schools are key to reaching the 1 in 10 children with mental health problems

    University and College Fees to be combined from next year

    If you’re a graduate student or international undergraduate, the way your fees are charged and presented will change from the next academic year.

    Until this year, international undergraduates and graduate students have been charged separate ‘University’ and ‘College’ fees. From the 2019/20 academic year, these figures will be combined into a single figure, known as  ‘Course Fees’.

    The total amount you pay will not change (apart from inflation), and the change will make it easier to see the overall level of fees you will be paying.

  • SociAbility app launch - 11 June 2019.

    Oxford Scholar launches SociAbility: Empowering social inclusion through access information

    On Tuesday 11 June, Oxford alumnus Matt Pierri launched SociAbility - a mobile app that makes it easy to find detailed access information for social venues and shops in Oxford. Through better access information, SociAbility empowers people with access needs to spend more time with their friends, families and loved ones.

  • Pembroke College student Mikaiil Tahir

    Student blog: Mikaiil shares his experience of the Careers Service

    As I approached the summer vacation, it became increasingly apparent that I had nothing productive in plan for the three months I had free. Having seen the consistent email reminders that the Careers Service was always open to help, and with no CV, cover letter, or even any idea what kind of work I'd want to do, I decided to give it a shot. A short 30-minute session is all I booked just to see what exactly they could do to help. If I didn't like it there was no commitment to come back for another session, so why not?

  • Keble college student Ope Oreyemi

    Pathways to Oxford - Ope Oreyemi

    Before applying to Oxford, I was sceptical about my chances of gaining a place at the University. However, attending schemes such as Target Oxbridge and UNIQ, allowed me to make an informed decision as to whether the University was for me.

  • L.E.V8 women pre-accelerator programme promotional image

    Oxford Foundry L.E.V8 women pre-accelerator programme

    If you’re an Oxford female student with an early-stage start-up, check out the Oxford Foundry’s L.E.V8 women pre-accelerator programme, where you can skill up and develop your business ideas this summer.

    You’ll also get direct guidance and advice from the incredible L.E.V8 Women Ambassadors, a strong and diverse network of business leaders from a range of backgrounds and industries.

    Interested in applying to the programme? Applications close Sunday 9 June.

  • Thumbnail from the 'transgender community in Oxford' video

    The transgender community at Oxford

    Oxford Pride is a celebration of LGBTIQ+ life in Oxfordshire, and the annual parade through the city will be taking place on Saturday 1 June.

    In celebration of Oxford Pride, the University and Oxford SU have worked together to create a short video about the transgender community in Oxford - featuring Oxford student Aaron Hughes and staff member Clara Barker. 

  • Promo image for drink spiking awareness campaign

    What to do if you think your friend's drink has been spiked

    Drink spiking commonly occurs with alcohol, but it can also involve drugs.

    Symptoms may include a loss of consciousness, a loss of balance, visual problems, lowered inhibitions, confusion, nausea, or vomiting.

    Never leave your drink unattended and don’t accept drinks from strangers. When holding a bottle, try to cover it with your thumb when you’re not drinking.

  • Four hands holding light bulb cutouts

    Student Entrepreneurs’ Programme (StEP)

    This summer, Oxford Foundry, Oxford Sciences Innovation (OSI) and Oxford University Innovation (OUI) will run the StEP scheme to engage student entrepreneurs in creating new spinouts.

    StEP will provide 40 students with access to the OUI intellectual property vault, a month long intensive training programme, and a £1,500 stipend - with the goal of creating startups based on OUI ideas.

    The winning team will receive a £25,000 investment to get things going.

  • Student in sub fusc reading notes before exam

    Sitting exams in Trinity term?

    If you will be sitting exams shortly, do check your personal exam timetable carefully to ensure you have been entered for the correct exam papers.