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Researchers with Enggano consultant, Pak Aron (Photo credit: Ken Kahn)

Back from the brink

Katrin Kohl - What motivates you? Why is it important that we should stop languages from disappearing?

Kae Tempest

Ancient drama and epic: investigating ancient and modern performance

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The APGRD is conducting pioneering research into the drama and poetry of the ancient world, bringing it to new audiences, and working with contemporary performance artists inspired by antiquity.
Students looking at inscriptions

Voices of stone

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Oxford ancient historian, Professor Jonathan Prag, is working with Sicilian partners to develop an online catalogue of the island’s inscriptions, and with high school students to curate a major exhibition of inscriptions in Catania.
Palace of Westminster

Bishops, Brexit and bridge-building: connecting political research and public policy

Calum Miller – What motivates your research, Iain? Why do you study the things you study?

school children

Between ‘Two Cultures’

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Dr Pete Hommel from the School of Archaeology is working with teachers and heritage professionals to build new links between the STEM subjects and the arts and humanities at Key Stage 2.
UK SPINE, UKRI and Research England logos. Elderly hands with medication.

Innovating in Ageing

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We are an ageing society. It is predicted that by 2050 just under a quarter of the population will be over 60, and with this comes a societal need to manage how we age. There is a global need for new interventions, which includes new therapeutics to treat diseases associated with ageing, in addition to obesity, diabetes, rare diseases and overcoming resistance to current antibiotics.
Oxford Skyline

Unlocking stories through collaboration

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Historian Dr Oliver Cox and colleagues from a broad range of disciplines are transforming the way the University of Oxford works with the heritage sector.
Karen Leeder at event

Mediating Modern Poetry

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‘Mediating Modern Poetry’ (MMP) is opening up German poetry to new audiences in the UK and English-speaking world.
Jeremy Howick

Medical evidence through a philosophical lens

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Dr Jeremy Howick’s application of philosophical approaches to health science has helped shape how we leverage placebos in clinical trials and treatment, and determine the quality of evidence required in ‘evidence-based medicine’.

Bringing the past to the present through history and community theatre

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Professor Selina Todd and Dr Andrea Thomson are drawing on their research to develop community theatre with partners in Manchester and Salford, enabling young people and women and men across a wide age range to develop their confidence, performance skills, and historical interest in the region
flu virus

A breakthrough in the development of a universal flu vaccine

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A new approach to making influenza vaccines, based on mathematical models developed at the University of Oxford, could result in the development of a vaccine which will potentially protect people against influenza for a lifetime.
A plantation worker collects oil palm

Putting 'no deforestation' into practice in the palm oil industry

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Knowledge exchange work at the University of Oxford has led to the successful uptake of science in the development of new industry standards for oil palm plantations. This is helping to protect rainforests, maintain biodiversity and make palm oil production more sustainable.
Dr Emily Troscianko

Understanding how fiction-reading can influence eating disorders

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An Oxford academic has begun a long-overdue investigation into the psychological effects of fiction on readers – especially those suffering from eating disorders.
girl typing with computer

OpenPrescribing: putting data and statistics into action to save the NHS money

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To identify the biggest prescribing quality improvement and cost-saving opportunities for General Practices and Clinical Commissioning Groups every month, and help them to improve, the Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences’ EBM DataLab brings together health researchers and software developers to transform large prescribing datasets into useful data explorer tools for coalface NHS staff.
Mind-Boggling Medical History game

Mind-Boggling Medical History

Researchers at Oxford University in partnership with the Royal College of Nursing, have developed a game which helps nurses to develop critical thinking skills and supports evidence-based practice.
wheat field

Increasing crop yields for global food security

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Pioneering research between the University of Oxford and Rothamsted Research has led to the development of a new compound that could transform crop yields of all kinds.
Parkinson’s clinic

New ways to measure brain diseases

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The OxQUIP project is developing new, more objective ways of measuring symptoms in diseases such as Parkinson’s, in order to speed up diagnosis and the hunt for effective treatments.
Advancing Medical Professionalism

Advancing Medical Professionalism

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A new report by Oxford University’s Healthcare Values Partnership and the Royal College of Physicians aims to support doctors’ satisfaction in their profession and promote innovative, high quality healthcare for patients.

Measuring chilli heat with electrochemistry

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The success of University of Oxford chemists in using electrochemical sensing to detect the spiciness of chillies has led to the recent development of new sensors for garlic, turmeric and ginger.
Women Speak Out

Women Speak Out: An Academic-Community Collaboration to Explore the Links Between HIV, Gender-Based Violence and Human Rights Among Women with Drug Dependence

Women Speak Out is an academic-community collaboration between Oxford University and the Indonesian Drug Users Network aimed at addressing HIV and gender-based violence among drug-using women in Indonesia.


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