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Connecting with other researchers

Making connections with other researchers, whether professionally or socially, is an invaluable opportunity while at Oxford; but it may not be easy if you're working on your own, or just within your group, focusing on your specific area of research. The University offers a range of mechanisms to help you make these connections both within and outside your department.

Researcher-specific networks

Other Oxford networks

There are other networks that provide links beyond the research community, such as:

Oxford Events

  • Oxford Talks - events listing of all talks across all disciplines occurring across the University of Oxford 
  • Ashmolean Museum - LiveFridays enable researchers to take part in a night of performances, creative workshops and lively talks after-hours at the museum.
  • Museum of Natural History - families can explore the collections, take part in interactive activities and meet the University's scientists.
  • Oxfordshire Science and Ideas Festival - annual event to engage audiences with research in Oxford 
  • Oxford Festival of the Arts - a broad programme of performances, workshops and talks across the fields of music, theatre, art, film and literature
  • TORCH - The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities (TORCH) engages wider audiences with research activity that transcends traditional boundaries
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