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Student Self Service
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Student Self Service

Student Self Service provides you with access to your student record; essential information that you will need throughout your studies at the University of Oxford. You will use Student Self Service for your University registration, to print an enrolment certificate, complete your examination entry and book your degree ceremony. Visit Student Self Service using the blue button on the right hand side of this page. 

Student Self Service upgrade: On 5 December 2016, the design of Student Self Service will change slightly. You will not have to do anything differently, but the navigation menu will be moved from left-hand side of screens to the top banner, a couple of examples are shown below. To apply the changes, Student Self Service will be unavailable from 00:00, Saturday 3 December until 8:30am on Monday 5 December 2016. Student Self Service will also be unavailable on Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 December 2016 for essential maintenance.  

Preview the new screens

The new menu will look like this:

Student self service - new screen view

The menu will also be easier to use on smaller screens, for example mobile phones:

Student self service - new screen view

You access Student Self Service using your Oxford Single Sign On (SSO). If you are a new student, once you have returned your signed contract to the University, you will be sent your IT activation code and log-in details by email (please note that this may take several days). Your Single Sign On is your access to a range of IT services, including your University email account. 

University registration

It is essential that you register at the start of your studies, and at each subsequent anniversary term in which you commenced your current course. Failure to register has an impact on student loans and grants, council tax exemption and access to examination entry and results. You will be sent an email to let you know that the registration window is open. You must register before Friday of Week 1 of term. You will not be able to access all of the features in Student Self Service until your University registration is complete. Visit the guide to registration for further information.

Student Self Service

Individual Electoral Registration

It is possible to register to vote in Oxford at the same time as you complete your University registration. If you wish to do this, you will need to agree to supply specific information to Oxford City Council, and you will need to provide your National Insurance number. Oxford City Council requires this information to communicate with residents on registration, for verification of eligibility to vote and for inclusion of records on the electoral register. 

Student Self Service

Enrolment certificate

Once your University registration is complete an enrolment certificate will be available to print from Student Self Service confirming your enrolled status at the University of Oxford for the current academic year. This certificate may be used for council tax exemption, opening a bank account, by international students who need to register with the police, and to confirm your student status for other purposes e.g. to show a financial sponsor or a landlord when renting private property.

Please note, that if you are continuing your studies with the University from one academic year to the next, there will be a short period during August when you will not be able to access the enrolment certificate. When you have completed your University registration for the new academic year, following the opening of University registration on 1 September, the enrolment certificate will be available to you. If you urgently need proof of your student status during this August period, contact your college for assistance.

SSP Enrolment certificate

Checking and updating your details

Outside of the registration window, you can check and update personal information and contact details at any time during the year and it is important that this is always kept up-to-date. Your name, as recorded, will appear on all University documentation, including your degree certificate.

Student Self Service

Student Self Service

Student Self Service

Disability and other personal information

Student Self Service

Additional information

You can opt-out of having your name included on publicly displayed lists, however, changes may not be taken into account if they are made during the times when lists are due to be published.
For matriculated students, your confirmation of registration at the University will constitute your application for membership of the Oxford University Student Union (OUSU). You may opt-out of membership of OUSU at any time during your studies at Oxford.

Student Self Service

Academic details

Student Self Service

Student Self Service 

Career planning

This page is optional. You will be asked to provide information about how you are planning for your career. The information will be used by the Careers Service, who may use it to alert you about events, training programmes, internships or other opportunities that may be of interest, based on your answers. 

Career Planning - Student self service

Overseas studies activities

If you are full-time graduate student spending more than two weeks overseas for study you should update Student Self Service with details of your overseas study placements/experiences. Overseas placements may include field trips, laboratory work, library work, visits to other universities, research, or the writing up of a dissertation or thesis. You should only provide details of placements or activities that contribute towards your course (e.g. their dissertation, thesis, or research/study for other course components). You can enter more than one placement, and may return and edit placement details at a later date. This information is required for the University’s annual government reporting, but will importantly help the University to understand whether the services and support on offer for students studying overseas is appropriate and how overseas study contributes to academic learning.

SSP Overseas Study Activities (Research Students)

Examination and assessments

You will be advised by email when the examination entry window is opening and closing. You are able to view your compulsory assessments and select any elective assessments according to the examination regulation for your subject; these rules will be displayed to help you with your selection. A 'Selections not valid' or a 'Too many assessments' message will be displayed if you make an error.  When the correct amount of assessments have been selected a green tick will display. When your selection is complete, the examination and assessments entered will be summarised for you to view on a confirmation screen. You can also view any examination alternative arrangements. Ongoing permissions will be recorded in Student Self Service.

Examination and assesment information

Exam entry 1

Exam entry 2

Exam entry 3

Examinations and assessments entered and alt arrangements

Academic and assessment results

You will be advised by email when you are able to view your current course assessment results (examination papers and/or submissions) and result for the year (if applicable). If you are completing your studies you will also be able to view your final classification. You will be able to view your academic and assessment history including details of previous courses, completion dates and degree awarded.

Academic and assessment results

Degree ceremony booking

You will receive an email when your degree ceremony booking window is open. You will select from a list of ceremonies at which your college is presenting to attend, decline, cancel or attend in absentia.

Degree ceremony booking screenshot

Application for readmission

Students currently studying for a taught course at the University and applying to carry on to a research course with no break in their study can apply for readmission using Student Self Service. You will receive an authorisation code at the appropriate readmission application period, in order to submit your application fee, free. This code will be displayed in Student Self Service on the My Student Record page.

Eligible readmission candidates are: any MSt, MSc, MPhil, MPP, MFA, BPhil or MTh, BCL and Magister Juris students who wish to progress to the MPhil in Law. Candidates for the Saïd Business School DPhil in Management Studies or the DPhil in Financial Economics should apply using the application form available from the Saïd Business School's website.

The readmission form is also used to apply for University scholarships so you must ensure that you submit your readmission form in time for the scholarship deadlines.

Information on the readmission process is available from the Graduate Admissions Application guide page.

Leaving Oxford

You will be able to access Student Self Service for eleven months after you have finished your course. Please remember to update your contact details before you leave, particularly your future contact email address and postal address to ensure that you receive your examination results and transcript. This information will be updated in the University alumni database so you are kept up to date with alumni news.