Person on their laptop. Credits: Good faces via Unsplash
Person on their laptop. Credits: Good faces via Unsplash

Getting access

You are able to access a range of IT systems to aid your learning and wider University experience once you have activated your Oxford username.

If you’ve just joined the University, whether you’re a student or a new member of staff, we have guidance to help you get set up with all your basic IT needs, such as email and internet access. We’ll also introduce you to the other IT services we offer that can help you make your work or study easier. Please visit the IT Services Getting started page for further IT information.

Your Oxford username

Also referred to as your Oxford Single Sign On username or SSO, your username is usually in the form abcd1234, where abcd is a code for your college or department.

Your username will be created automatically for you when your returned signed contract is processed by the University. Your username will be sent to you via email along with an activation code in order to carry out your University registration in advance of arriving. If you change your email address from the one used in your University application, please advise your department, college or Student Information.

Once activated your University username will give you access to:

Activating your Oxford username

To activate your Oxford username, please make sure your username and activation codes are to hand and follow the simple steps below:

Your activation code will only be valid for between 30 and 60 days, so please activate your account when you receive it. If the activation code has expired, you can ask for it to be reactivated via the IT Services Desk by calling (01865) 612345.

Changing your password

To change your password, visit Webauth. Webauth will also let you reset a forgotten password using your stored security question and answer.

If you forget both your password and the answer to your security question, you will need to obtain a Webauth 'rescue' code via your college IT staff or the IT Service Desk by calling (01865) 612345.

Password expiry

You are required to change the password for your Oxford username at least once a year via Webauth. You should receive an email reminder a few weeks before it is due to expire.

If you don't change your password before its expiry date you will be unable to access your Oxford account until the password has been reset.

Connecting to wireless

Wired internet connections and wireless networks are widely available, meaning you are never far away from internet access in Oxford. The eduroam wireless service is the most widely available, providing internet access not only in Oxford but in academic institutions around the world using the same username and password. To get access on your device, follow the steps listed on the IT Services 'Connect to the Internet' web page.

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