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Support available from the University

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The resources listed below were current at the time of publication. The directory is not exhaustive and new/updated materials will be added as and when received.

If you are a member of staff, and have some resources that you would like to be included, please contact [email protected] 

Getting to know Oxford

Advice for freshers - a specially recorded podcast to help you through freshers’ week in Oxford

Know Your Oxford - a guided audio tour for new and prospective Oxford students

Glossary - some of the words or terms used at Oxford and their meanings

Study skills

Plagiarism - top tips on avoiding plagiarism in your work

Research and library skills - brush up on your reading, note-taking and IT literacy to get ahead in your assignments

Remote study - advice about what you’ll need to think about if you need to study remotely

Tutorials at Oxford - what to expect from Oxford's unique tutorial system

Teaching Management System (TMS) - review tutor reports and valuable feedback at the end of each term

Exam wellbeing and preparation - Resources to help you navigate exams and support your wellbeing 

Past exam papers - Use OXAM (SSO required) to search and view past University of Oxford examination papers online

Time management and planning

Managing your time - a short video guide on managing your time

Managing your workload - advice on how to work independently to manage your workload

Language Support

The Language Centre - enrol in one of our in-term courses offering support with your Academic English (spoken and written)

Welfare and wellbeing

Supportive welfare resources - a range of supportive resources to help you confront any challenges you might be facing

Welfare and Wellbeing - Oxford’s exceptional system of welfare and personal support

Other resources

Digital resource hub - online resources, to help you follow your passions and interests, and discover more about Oxford

Disability Advisory Service - individual adjustments and study support available for disabled students

Oxford Glossary - Useful explanations of some of the language and terms frequently used at Oxford 

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