Students sat talking in the Botanic Gardens, Ian Wallman Photography.
Students sat talking in the Botanic Gardens, Ian Wallman Photography.

The Language Centre

The Language Centre is the hub for language learning in the university. It has courses in 12 modern languages, and offers Academic English support throughout your degree.

Written Communication

The Language Centre provides a number of courses to help bring your academic writing up to the level required on your degree. We offer in-term courses for all levels (from Introduction to Academic Writing in Language, to the more advanced Thesis and Dissertation Writing), as well as a 1-to-1 tutorial system, where students can receive feedback on their writing and discuss how best to improve.

Spoken Communication

The Language Centre also offers courses in spoken communication, to help further develop your ability to understand and use English, in both formal and informal settings.

Students perform a variety of spoken tasks designed to improve their use of English throughout their academic life at Oxford. These activities are centred around peer or seminar discussions, tutorials, mini-presentations, and aspects of pronunciation that are common in academic discourse.

Students are helped to identify their strengths and weaknesses and receive regular feedback on their performance.

Summer Pre-sessional

Alongside our in-term support for matriculated students, the Language Centre also offers an intensive summer Pre-sessional course. This six-week programme provides students with the necessary academic writing and speaking skills to prepare them for studying in English at Oxford. The course is suitable for both postgraduates and undergraduates in the lead up to their degree course.

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