Students in lecture
Students in lecture

For students over 16

For students over the age of 16, we have resources that enable further exploration of passions and interests, and show how to discover more about Oxford.

Resources from Oxford University

  • Oxplore - As the 'Home of Big Questions', Oxplore aims to engage students aged 11-18 with debates and ideas that go beyond the classroom. Big questions tackle complex ideas across a range of subjects and draw on the latest research undertaken at Oxford.
  • Springboard videos - These videos bring you cutting-edge research from Oxford's graduate students on a wide range of topics - from climate change and colonialism, to microbiomes and mathematical logic. Each video offers an introduction to a new topic, plus lots of activities and further resources to explore. When you click on a topic, we'll ask you a few questions and then play the video you've chosen.
  • Suggested subject resources - Links and reading lists for subjects offered at Oxford can be found here.

General Resources

  • Library Quad - A hub of super-curricular resources personally recommended by students at Trinity College for students in schools and colleges. 
  • Staircase 12 - An online hub of resources and information for students thinking about applying to top universities, created by University College.
  • Worcester Bookshelf Project - A project run by Worcester College that involves sharing, recommending and reviewing books across a range of subjects.
  • Oxford Impact videos - A collection of videos exploring Oxford research and its impact upon the world.
  • Oxford Impact case studies - A collection of articles exploring Oxford research and its impact upon the world.
  • University College Reading Bank - An online reading bank, with book reviews by University College students and tutors. 
  • Ashmolean Museum resources - Downloadable learning resources and short videos on a range of topics including History of Art and Literature.
  • Big Tent! Big Ideas! - A programme of live events from the University’s Humanities research centre, bringing world-leading speakers and researchers into conversation to explore the biggest questions of our day. Part of the TORCH Goes Digital 2020 series.
  • Digital.Bodleian - The Bodleian Libraries’ digital collections are open to users from around the world for learning, teaching, personal enjoyment and research. There are more than 650,000 freely available digital objects on offer, from political cartoons and campaign posters to ancient manuscripts.
  • St John's College Inspire Digital - A collection of articles, TED talks, video lectures, and competitions that delve into selected topics and enhance pupils' learning. Inspire Digital resources also offer helpful information about preparing for university admissions.

Subject Specific Resources

  • Conservation Optimist - Biology - Conservation resources produced in collaboration with young people, to inform and empower.
  • The Oxford Arts Blog - Arts and Humanities - The latest news and views in the arts, humanities and culture at Oxford University.
  • Archives of Greek and Roman Drama - Classics - A centre for research into performances of Greek and Roman drama, with learning resources and event performances.
  • Manar Al-Athar - Classics and Oriental Studies - Searchable images of archaeological sites, buildings and art, covering the areas of the former Roman empire.
  • Empires of Faith - Classics and Theology - Blog posts from the Empires of Faith research project, examining imagery from various current and lost religions.
  • CC Python Challenge - Computer Science - Can computers be used to create art? How fast can a computer read all of Wikipedia? Work out the answers to these questions using these exercises designed to teach Python programming language.
  • Great Writers Inspire - English - A collection of literary resources aimed at students from sixth-form to university, containing lectures, eBooks and essays focusing on great writers from around the world.
  • Online Chaucer Resources - English - A list of online and accessible resources for students studying Chaucer.
  • Postcolonial Writers Make Worlds - English and History - An expansion of Great Writers Inspire with a set of free resources focusing on contemporary Black and Asian British writing.
  • Lest We Forget Project - English and History - A project led by the University of Oxford and the Commonwealth War Graves Commission aiming to collect and digitally archive First World War artefacts stored in bedrooms and attics across the UK
  • Suffrage in a Box - History - Learning packs curated by the Bodleian Libraries on women's suffrage in the UK, including primary sources and descriptions.
  • Oxford Mathematics Alphabet - Mathematics - Brought to you by tutors from the Mathematical Institute, the Mathematics Alphabet presents engaging mathematical ideas and the latest research.
  • Oxford Mathematics Public Lectures Online - Mathematics - Oxford Mathematics Public Lectures enable anyone with an interest in the subject to see the best mathematicians in action.
  • Oxford Online Maths Club - Mathematics - Online maths club with problem-solving and puzzles, as well as interesting mini-lectures on a variety of mathematical topics.
  • Health Careers - Medicine - If you’re interested in finding out more about working as a doctor in the UK, this NHS website helps offers information about medical degrees and career options.
  • Adventures on the Bookshelf - Modern Languages - A blog for students and teachers of Years 11 to 13, and anyone else with an interest in Modern Foreign Languages and Cultures.
  • Les Liaisons Dangereuses - Modern Languages - A podcast series exploring the book, its author, and contemporary reception.
  • Creative Multilingualism - Modern Languages - Learning resources from a research programme investigating the interconnection between linguistic diversity and creativity
  • Oxford Spanish Literature Podcast - Modern Languages - Listen in on our conversations with Spanish tutors at Oxford to find out what's so fascinating about the literature they teach, why they love teaching it and why they think you might love it too. 
  • Discovering Music - Music - A learning resource developed by scholars in the Faculty of Music and the British Library, featuring recordings, original manuscripts and themed essays by experts.
  • Oxford Politics blog - Politics - A blog sharing research and analysis from the University's Department of Politics.
  • Psychology Playlist - Psychology - This playlist from our Psychology department covers everything you've ever wanted to know about Experimental Psychology and Psychology, Philosophy and Linguistics. These videos cover course overviews, mock interviews, student perspectives and Q&A sessions with tutors and students.
  • Oxford Sparks - Science - An online portal for engaging with the scientific developments happening in the University.
  • The Oxford Science Blog - Science - This blog gives you the inside track on science at Oxford University: the projects, the people, and what's happening behind the scenes
  • The Oxford Scientist schools writing competition - Science - An essay competition for school students, offering the opportunity to have their work published in the Oxford Scientist magazine.
  • Museum of Natural History tour - Science - A virtual tour of the University's Museum of Natural History.
  • Causeway Education - STEM - Ideas for wider reading for personal statements.
  • Ian Ramsey Centre - Theology - A series of short videos introducing thought-provoking ideas to get you thinking about philosophy and theology.

Applying to Oxford

  • Target Oxbridge Podcasts - These podcasts feature interviews with students at Oxford and Cambridge, delving into their experiences, getting their tips for applying and sharing the advice they would give to their 16 year old selves.
  • Christ Church College Personal Statement video - A video presentation from Christ Church College explaining how to approach writing your personal statement, and some top tips on what to include and what to leave out.
  • LMH Making a Competitive Application video - Learn about the Oxford application process in this webinar from Lady Margaret Hall.
  • Interviews Podcast - A podcast brought to you by Undergraduate Admissions and Outreach, describing the interview process through conversations with tutors and current students.
  • Christ Church College Interview videos - A series of videos from Christ Church College, exploring various aspects of interview process, from discussing your personal statement to answering subject specific questions on Maths and Humanities.
  • LMH Oxford Interview Tips video - Students and staff from Lady Margaret Hall answer questions about Oxford Interviews.
  • LMH Mock Interview for English video - See an Oxford Interview live in action with this video from Lady Margaret Hall.
  • Pembroke College Disability Support video - A video from Pembroke College, discussing life as a disabled student at Oxford and explaining some of the support that is available to you from your college and the University.
  • Jesus College Admissions video - A video presentation from Jesus College's Seren Summer School, explaining the application process and offering tips on making a competitive application.
  • Mathematics Admissions Test video - A workshop from the Mathematics Institute discussing the Mathematics Admissions Test, and exploring ways to approach some of the questions.
  • History Aptitude Test video - A workshop discussing the History Aptitude Test, working through one of the questions and ways to approach it.
  • Physics Aptitude Test video - A webinar by Dr Jennifer Barnes, explaining how to prepare for the Physics Aptitude Test.
  • Thinking Skills Assessment video - A general introduction to the TSA (Thinking Skills Assessment) test from Jesus College, discussing how you can perform as well as possible

Recommended External Resources

General Resources

  • BBC Future - A series of articles exploring interesting questions, from 'What's the best age to learn a language?' to 'Can AI help cure loneliness?
  • My HE Plus - Created by the University of Cambridge, this website helps you to explore subjects beyond the classroom.
  • Ted Talks - A series of short and fascinating talks discussing big ideas.
  • In Our Time - BBC Radio programme exploring a wide range of historical topics with academics and experts from around the world.
  • Zooniverse - A platform that lets you contribute to real-life research projects.
  • Gresham College - Gresham College was founded to offer free lectures to the general public. You can access a huge range of their lectures online here.

Museum and Galleries

Subject Specific Resources

  • Discover Anthropology - Anthropology -  A wide range of resources: career profiles, articles, films, teaching resources, and opportunities.
  • Ubuweb - Art - An online repository of visual art, moving images and academic papers discussing visual art.
  • Art History Archive - Art History - A glossary of terms used within Art and Art History.
  • Royal Society of Biology - Biology - An educational resources hub from the Royal Society of Biology.
  • XPlore Health - Biology - This programme offers multimedia resources, giving an insight into the latest biomedical research.
  • Isaac Chemistry - Chemistry - Online platform aimed at engaging GCSE and A-level students with Chemistry.
  • Royal Society of Chemistry - Chemistry - Teaching resources on the subject of Chemistry: from podcasts to online games.
  • Chemistry Olympiad - Chemistry - Although the 2020 Chemistry Olympiad has been cancelled, you can still test yourself by having a go at some of the past papers.
  • Classics EPQ - Classics - Support in developing an EPQ in Classics, helping you to explore the relevance of ancient thought on current debates such as migration, conflict and gender.
  • I Want to Study Engineering - Engineering - Aimed at students interested in Engineering, with online problems, video content and puzzles.
  • The Poetry Foundation - English - An interactive website, including videos and audio clips to make poetry come to life.
  • BBC History - History - Official website for the BBC History magazine, featuring articles, interviews and podcasts.
  • BBC Law in Action - Law - A radio show that analyses the law stories featuring in the news.
  • Plus Mathematics - Mathematics - An online magazine from the University of Cambridge, aimed at celebrating Mathematics.
  • Tom Rocks Maths - Mathematics - A series of videos and articles created by Oxford Mathematics tutor Dr Tom Crawford.
  • MusicMap - Music - An interactive hub of popular music, showing how it is all connected.
  • Classical Music - Music - The official website of the BBC Music Magazine, featuring podcasts, reviews and artist interviews.
  • Isaac Physics - Physics - Online platform aimed at engaging GCSE and A-level students with Physics.
  • British Physics Olympiad - Physics - Annual physics competition, including past papers and other resources.
  • Telescope Guide - Physics - An astronomy calendar to help you plan for all of the best stargazing and astronomical events.
  • Royal Psychology Society- Psychology - Research articles, podcasts and blog posts from the Royal Psychology Society.
  • Things We Don't Know - Science - A website with articles and blogs, aiming to make scientific innovation and discovery accessible.
  • Interactive Periodic Table - Science - An interactive periodic table offering information on each of the elements, as well as historic and alchemic alternatives.