Research Staff Committees

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There are three formal groups that feed into University governance decisions about research staff:

·   The Research Staff Steering Committee

·   The Research Staff Consultation Group

·   The Research Staff Working Group

The role of each group, how they work together and their current membership are outlined below.

Researchers also join key University committees, including Council, Personnel Committee, Research & Innovation Committee. 

For further information and the contact details of your representatives on these groups, please see - Researcher Representatives on other University Level Committees

If you are interested in joining a committee or working group, please see - Current Opportunities to join Committees and Working Groups as a Researcher Representative.

Research Staff Steering Committee

The Research Staff Steering Committee provides strategic direction with respect to enhancing the opportunities and support for research staff, in accordance with Priority 8 of the University's Strategic Plan 2018-23 and the Concordat to Support the Career Development of Researchers. It is a decision-making group reporting to the University Research and Innovation Committee and informally to Personnel Committee. Members include key governance roles such as the University Advocate for Research Staff and Research Staff Advocates in each of the four divisions.   

Name Title 
Professor David Gavaghan Chair of RSSC
University Advocate for Research Staff
Professor Stephen TuckHumanities Divisional Representative
Professor John FraterMedical Sciences Divisional Representative
Professor Matt JarvisMPLS Divisional Representative
Professor Christiaan MondenSocial Sciences Divisional Representative
Sir Tim HitchensRepresentative of Conference of Colleges
Dr Jonathan BlackDirector, Careers Service
Dr Markos KoumaditisDirector, Human Resources
Dr Tanita CasciDirector, Research Strategy & Policy Unit, Research Services & Co-Chair of RSWG
Jennifer ChapinEquality & Diversity Unit
Sarah Stephenson-Hunter Equality & Diversity Unit
Alice ChilverHead of People & Organisational Development
Dr Christopher WadibiaChair of RSCG
Dr Courtney NimuraVice-Chair of RSCG
Dr Rachel BrayResearch Staff Hub Lead, Co-Chair of RSWG

Research Staff Consultation Group

Comprising research staff only, the Research Staff Consultation Group actively contributes to an overall strategy to underpin the professional and career development of research staff at the University.   Working under the auspices of the Research and Innovation Committee, the Consultation Group works with the Research Staff Working Group to inform the Research Staff Steering Committee on initiatives, progress and major issues relating to research staff development, including views, suggestions and concerns articulated through the Research Staff Representative structure.

Dr Christopher WadibiaChair of
Dr Courtney Nimura Vice-Chair of
Dr Hilary Wynne
Humanities Division
Dr Emanuela Vai
Humanities Division
Dr Irina ChelyshevaMSD
Dr Benjamin FosterMSD
Dr Liang HeMPLS Division
Dr Jack MuirMPLS Division
Dr William AllenSocial Sciences Division Representative
Dr Alexander WeideSocial Sciences Division
Dr Suzan Meryem KalayciColleges
Dr Tinashe MushakavanhuColleges
Dr Jennifer AllenOxRSS
Dr Claudio Cortes RodriguezOxRSS

Research Staff Working Group

The Research Staff Working Group is operational; it contributes to University strategy for the professional and career development of research staff by preparing information to inform decision-making, discussing and recommending approaches, and acting on decisions made through this governance structure. It works under the auspices of the Research and Innovation Committee and alongside the Research Staff Consultation Group to inform the Research Staff Steering Committee on initiatives, progress and major issues relating to research staff development.

Dr Rachel Bray Co-Chair of RSWG, Researcher Hub
Dr Tanita CasciCo-Chair of RSWG, Director, Research Strategy & Policy
Dr Caroline Thurston Researcher Training and Development Manager, Humanities
Dr Mary Muers Research Culture Facilitator, Medical Sciences 
Dr Justin Hutchence Researcher Training and Development Manager, MPLS
Dr Eleanor Pritchard Researcher Development Coordinator, Social Sciences
Susana Salinas RiosResearcher Development
Kate Butler Policy Officer, Human
Mikal MastUCU 
Kathryn DallyResearch Integrity & Policy Lead, Research
Dr Irina ChelyshevaResearcher 
VacancyCareers Adviser (Research Staff), Careers Service 
Dr Susan BlackCareers Adviser (Research Staff), Careers
Jennifer ChapinGender Equality Advisor, Equality and Diversity
Les WrightDirector, Health & Safety
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