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Researcher's Trailmap

Oxford is rich in opportunities, once you know how to find them.

We have developed this Trailmap in consultation a wide range of fixed-term researchers and other colleagues to help you plan your researcher journey.

It is designed to signal the importance of looking ahead, scanning opportunities, and discovering more about personal, research, and career development opportunities available at Oxford.  

The Trailmap will also help academic managers and principal investigators to have more structured conversations with their fixed-term colleagues. It provides a starting point for effective planning of their particular research journeys at Oxford.  

You will find further resources in your department or faculty and division web pages. 

Please explore the Trailmap, click on the links in each box, and tailor it to your individual timelines and goals.

Note if you use a Mac: for full functionality please view the Trailmap using either Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome browsers. 

The Researcher’s Trailmap

If you have any questions or would like to give us feedback, please write to researcherhub@admin.ox.ac.uk 

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