About the Hub

Our purpose

Are you one of Oxford’s approximately 5,000 researchers on a fixed-term or open-ended contract?

We are here for your development at Oxford and your career beyond.

We also have an important role in assisting academics and Principal Investigators in managing their research colleagues effectively, and building positive, supportive research cultures across the University.

The Researcher Hub plays a key coordinating role in Oxford’s efforts to meet our commitments to the national Concordat to Support the Career Development of Researchers, signed by the University in April 2021, as set out in our institutional Concordat Action Plan 2022-2025 with three overarching goals:

          1. Creating a supportive, inclusive and equitable research environment.
          2. Recognising and valuing the diverse contributions of researchers.
          3. Supporting researchers to achieve a range of career goals.

Our approach

We work with practitioners and leaders across the University who are invested in improving the everyday environments of researchers. The Researcher Hub is part of the People & Organisational Development team in Human Resources.

Culture change takes time and can be tough, particularly in a large, decentralised University. Our collective work aims to build on what is good at Oxford and to address issues that undermine the experiences of researchers and their academic managers/PIs, and compromises the quality of their research.

Our key successes and future ambitions

We have:

We are working to increase the visibility of the University’s commitments and related researcher responsibilities for their career development. 

In collaboration with divisions, the Careers Services, HR teams and Research Services, we are growing and tracking the reach, uptake and effectiveness of the existing provisions for researchers and their academic managers.

We will also continue piloting and evaluating innovative and scalable approaches that enable researchers to develop their careers​.

Meet us

We are keen to say hello and answer your questions. 

To book into our weekly open office hours (Thursdays 3–4pm, in-person or online) please email [email protected].

The Hub Team

Dr Rachel Bray

Dr Rachel Bray
Head of Researcher Hub
[email protected]

Rachel is Head of the Researcher Hub. Her former roles include Careers Adviser to researchers at Oxford, and a series of fixed-term research leadership and teaching positions at four Universities in the UK and South Africa.

She is a social anthropologist whose academic work focuses on understanding poverty, childhood, family and inter-generational relationships with the aim of informing policy and practice. Her current research is in partnership with ATD Fourth World, a non-profit social movement in which people living in poverty are active leaders and shapers of research and action.