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Council is the University’s -making body. It is responsible for the academic policy and strategic direction of the University, for its administration, and for the management of its finances and property. It has five major committees: Education Committee, General Purposes Committee, Personnel Committee, Planning and Resource Allocation Committee, and Research Committee.

The researcher representative on Council is

Dr Hilary Wynne,

Research and Innovation Committee

Research and Innovation Committee (RIC) is one of the main committees of the University’s Council.  RIC is responsible for University policy and planning issues relating to research, knowledge exchange, innovation, commercial and social entrepreneurship and public engagement with research.  RIC is responsible for the implementation and monitoring of those aspects of the Strategic Plan which relate to the University’s research and research-related activities, including:

  • Research Commitment Two: To invest in people, to support them and their research environment, thereby enabling the research endeavour to grow sustainably, and
  • Priority 8: [To] Enhance the opportunities and support for early-career researchers

The researcher representative on Research and Innovation Committee is

Dr Jack Muir,

Personnel Committee

Personnel Committee is one of the main committees of the University's Council. It is responsible for personnel and equality matters connected with the employment of the University's employees.  Personnel Committee is responsible for those aspects of the Strategic Plan who relate to People, including:

  • People Commitment Three: To support staff in personal and professional development, and
  • Priority 18: [To] Review and improve our current arrangements to support the personal and career development of all staff.

The research representative on Personnel Committee is

Dr Liam Guilfoyle,

Consultative Committee for Health & Safety

The Consultative Committee for Health & Safety (CCHS) constitutes the consultative forum on health and safety required by the Safety Representatives and Safety Committee Regulations. It considers and, as appropriate, comments on, amongst other things: questions on and implementation of health and safety policy; health and safety training within the University; significant accidents and incidents occurring within the University; matters brought to the University's attention by trade union safety representatives. The committee is invited to consider and comment on all proposed new and revised health and safety policies before they are submitted to the Safety Executive Group (SEG).

The researcher representative for MPLS and MSD on the CCHS is

Dr Abdullah Bajwa,

Disability Advisory Group 

The Disability Advisory Group is responsible for influencing University policy to ensure inclusion of disabled and neurodiverse staff.  The Group focuses on policy, support, and governance structures that promote inclusivity of all staff at the University. The Group reports to the Equality and Diversity Panel and Personnel Committee.  Its membership includes academics and professional service staff representatives.  See the webpage for further information about the group and its membership.

The researcher representative on the Disability Advisory Group is

This role currently has a vacancy

EJRA Review Group

The Employers Justified Retirement Age (EJRA) group will review the EJRA policy The EJRA policy is one means by which the University seeks to create vacancies to meet the overarching aim of safeguarding the high standards of the University in teaching, research and professional services, which in return relies on the aims set out below:

  • promoting inter-generational fairness and maintaining opportunities for career progression for those at particular stages of a career.
  • facilitating succession planning by maintaining predictable retirement dates, especially in relation to the collegiate University's joint appointment system
  • promoting equality and diversity, noting that recent recruits are more diverse than the composition of the existing workforce, especially amongst the older age groups of the existing workforce

The researcher representative on the EJRA Review Group is

Dr Liam Shaw,

Intellectual Property Advisory Group

The Intellectual Property Advisory Group (IPAG) is responsible for advising on the development of University policy on the management, protection, and commercial exploitation of intellectual property.  IPAG is responsible to the Research & Innovation Committee, making recommendations as appropriate on IP related matters including:

  • the provision of advice on general policy issues pertaining to the management and exploitation of the University’s intellectual property;
  • the provision of advice on the University’s Intellectual Property Policy, its implementation and disputes arising in respect of these matters

The researcher representative on the Intellectual Property Advisory Group is

Dr Frank Penkava, 

Oxford Innovation Community at Begbroke

Oxford University Development (OUD) has launched an international competition to find a team to design the masterplan for its world-leading £1billion, 190-hectare mixed-use Innovation District at Begbroke Science Park.  The site will provide an exemplary new setting for the University's world-leading science and innovation as well as creating a community of up to 2,000 quality homes, with new schools, public park, amenities, and nature reserve. 

The University received 40 entries to Phase 1 of the competition and five companies have been invited to submit detailed tenders for the Phase 2 of the selection process.

 The researcher representative on the Technical Panel for Phase 2 of the competition is Rebecca Capel,


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