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Non-Stipendiary College Associations for Research Staff

Welcome to the Non-Stipendiary College Associations webpage.

Benefits of acquiring a college association

There are many benefits to acquiring a college association.  Most importantly, it enables researchers to meet and talk with people beyond their own department or academic discipline.  An opportunity to engage with the wider collegiate research and teaching community is considered a quintessential part of the Oxford experience, for University research staff as well as their external collaborators and visitors.  Such benefits are at the core of the collegiate system.

Information for college administration teams

Types of Association

  • There are many different forms of non-stipendiary college associations, from Junior Research Fellowships to lighter forms of association such as Senior Common Room membership or association in return for acting as a College Adviser. 
  • The form of non-stipendiary association offered will vary by college and/or vacancy. 
  • All vacancies listed below are for non-stipendiary positions.  Applicants must have their salary funded via another source. 
  • All forms of association enable researchers to meet others outside their field,  and to forge new intellectual and social links.

The application process

  • Applications for non-stipendiary association should be made directly to the relevant college following the procedure described in the further particulars.
  • Please see the details of each individual opportunity to learn more about entitlements offered, the eligibility requirements, and the objectives of the college in making the appointment.
  • Associations are in demand and there are usually more research staff seeking college association than positions available, leading to a competitive selection process. 
  • Following the positive discussion among Head of House at Conference on 8 December 2020, colleges are encouraged to expand the number of associations going forward and so do revisit this page if you do not find a suitable vacancy today.

Other useful web resources

  • Colleges are invited to advertise their vacancies for non-stipendiary college association to University research staff via this page.   Additional opportunities may be advertised on the website of individual colleges.

Vacancies for non-stipendiary college associations for University research staff are listed below:

Vacancy 1


Jesus College

Type of associationNon-Stipendiary JRF in Management 
Brief details

The College will seek references at a shortlisting stage. There is no need for referees to send in a reference prior to being contacted.

It is anticipated that interviews will take place on Tuesday, 18 June 2024. If interviews are conducted in-person, reasonable interview expenses will be reimbursed, and overnight accommodation can be offered if required. Interviews may be conducted remotely.

Queries may be addressed through the Principal’s PA, Mrs Helen Gee ([email protected]).

To find out more, see https://www.jesus.ox.ac.uk/about-jesus-college/our-community/vacancies/non-stipendiary-junior-research-fellowship-jrf-in-management/
Closing date

Applicants should complete the online form by 12pm, noon on Friday, 17 May 2024.

Vacancy 2


Jesus College

Type of associationNon-Stipendiary Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) in Biology
Brief details

The Fellowship is open to those pursuing research in Biology and who are at an early stage of their academic career, typically at post-doctoral level.

The successful candidate will have a doctorate in Biology or a related field, or be close to completion of their doctorate; have a coherent proposed research programme for the duration of the Fellowship, of a standard which will contribute to and enhance the national and international profile of Biology in the University; have a record of publications and other output demonstrating research expertise in Biology, both published and forthcoming, appropriate to the career stage of the applicant; be able to communicate well about their subject; be able to demonstrate the suitability of Oxford for carrying out the proposed research.

Free meals in College, College office-space equipped with standard Windows desktop PC and black & white printer, and an annual research allowance are offered.

Applicants must have their research funded from another source.

To find out more, see https://www.jesus.ox.ac.uk/about-jesus-college/our-community/vacancies/non-stipendiary-junior-research-fellowship-jrf-in-biology/
Closing date

31/05/2024 12:00 pm

Vacancy 3

CollegeGreen Templeton College 
Type of associationNon-stipendiary Research Associates in Astrophysics
Brief details

The college proposes to elect up to six non-stipendiary associates in astrophysics from Michaelmas Term 2024

Candidates will be required to be working at a postdoctoral level in the field of astrophysics, with a full-time University of Oxford contract.

To find out more, see https://www.gtc.ox.ac.uk/about/jobs
Closing date

Midday 07 June 2024

Vacancy 4

CollegeKellogg College
Type of associationResearch Members of Common Room
Brief details

Research Members of Common Room are elected through an application process led by the Research Coordinator. Membership gives post-doctoral researchers a chance to contribute to and enjoy college life. The application process occurs annually and applications are made to the Academic Administrator, with a reference and statement as to how one would contribute to the life of the College, and are approved by the Research Coordinator.

Membership is renewable annually, coterminous with holding a (paid) research post in the University and attending an annual meeting.

RMCR are required to act as College Advisors. The College Academic Office will assign a maximum of 9 students to each member.

University cards allowing access to University buildings and the Bodleian as well as various online access are distributed through the members’ departments only. Kellogg will add a College ‘link’ on University cards to enable access to the College Hub.

RMCR are offered the use of meeting rooms, and short-term accommodation when available. Membership comes with discounted lunches and Guest Night Dinners as well as being invited to College-wide seminars and events.

To find out more, see Fellows - Kellogg College (ox.ac.uk)
Closing dateWhile applications are accepted all year round, they are only considered once a year over the summer. Nominations should be sent to [email protected].

Vacancy 5

CollegeKellogg College
Type of associationCommon Room Members
Brief details

Common Room members are proposed to Academic Committee by Official Fellows and agreed by Governing Body. Members can be non-academics, or academics whose standing is not regarded as of a Fellowship level. The membership is £60 per annum.

The length of membership is one year and renewable annually with payment.

If invited by the President or Senior Tutor and approved by the Academic Committee, Common Room Members may act as student advisors, in which case the £60 fee will be waived. The College Academic Office will assign around 6 students to each member.

Common Room Members will receive discounted lunches and Guest Night Dinners as well as being invited to College-wide seminars and events

Kellogg does not offer University cards to Common Room Members.

To find out more, see Fellows - Kellogg College (ox.ac.uk)
Closing dateNominations are accepted all year and will be considered by Academic Committee each term. Nominations should be sent to [email protected]

Vacancy 6

CollegeWolfson College
Type of associationResearch Membership of Common Room
Brief detailsResearch Membership of Common Room (post-doctoral or more senior) is aimed at Early Career Researchers, employed by the University of Oxford who are engaged in substantial research but do not have a College attachment. Membership is for a period of three years and all applications must be supported by the applicant’s Head of Department.
To find out more, seehttps://www.wolfson.ox.ac.uk/membership-charges

Vacancy 7

CollegeSt Antony’s College
Type of associationAssociate Membership
Brief details

St Antony’s offers the opportunity to apply for Associate Membership to anyone who does not already have an affiliation with any college in Oxford and is on the payroll of any of those departments from which the college recruits graduate students, essentially all departments in the Social Sciences Division (plus the Oxford Martin School) and the Faculty of History and Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies in the Humanities Division.

Associate members cannot apply directly but must be nominated by their Head of Department or Chair of Faculty and must be willing to be a college advisor for up to 4 (occasionally 5) graduate students. College advisors are supported by the Head of the Academic Office, Dean and Senior Tutor and the role involves offering support for students on the non-academic aspects of their time in Oxford. College advisors are matched with students outside their academic departments to avoid any conflict of interest.

Associate members are entitled to free lunches throughout the year and the use of the Senior Common Room. They are encouraged to attend College academic seminars and workshops. The memberships are coterminous with the applicant’s university contracts up to a maximum of three years.

To find out more, seeNominations should be sent by Heads of Department/Faculty Chairs to [email protected]
Closing dateThe college allows nominations by Heads of Department/Faculty Chairs throughout the year but particularly encourages them before the beginning of Michaelmas Term so that college advisees can be allocated to advisors from when they first arrive.

Vacancy 8

CollegeReuben College
Type of associationResearch Fellowships
Brief details

Research Fellowships form an important component of the vision for Reuben College, and are “early-career research” posts intended to offer college affiliation to postdoctoral researchers at the University who would value contributing to, and engaging in, life at Oxford’s newest college. 

As early-career researchers, Research Fellows at Reuben College will already have substantive research duties within their respective Division of the University.  Duties within the College are expected to be “light touch”, while emphasising the need for Fellows to be engaged with the life of Reuben College on a regular basis.  Perhaps different to the standard model for equivalent posts elsewhere in the University (for example, “Junior Research Fellowships”), the emphasis for Reuben’s Research Fellows is very definitely on bringing an enthusiastic, sustained, and meaningful contribution to College life. 

Additionally, Reuben College is dedicated to the support of its Research Fellows through structured mentoring.   In this programme, which is unusual for Research Fellowships at the University, an Official Fellow (in a relevant academic discipline) will be assigned as a College Mentor, providing advice and support in career progression.  This is intended to be complementary to any support provided in the Research Fellow’s academic Department.

To find out more, see Further information will be made available in due course on www.reuben.ox.ac.uk
Closing dateOur next recruitment round will run Michaelmas Term 2024, for Fellowships starting January 2025

Recently Closed 

CollegeWolfson College
Type of associationNon-Stipendiary Research Fellowships in Humanities and Social Sciences 2024
Brief details

The College proposes to elect up to twelve non-stipendiary Research/Junior Research Fellows in Humanities and Social Sciences from 1 October 2024.         

Candidates will be required to be engaged in research, with a full-time University of Oxford/Wolfson contract of employment for the duration of the Fellowship.

To find out more, see https://www.wolfson.ox.ac.uk/vacancy/
Closing date24 March 2024


CollegeReuben College
Type of association10 x Non-Stipendiary Research Fellowships 
Brief details

The College is seeking to appoint up to 10 new Research Fellows, from amongst existing postdoctoral members of the University, to start at the college in September 2024. Successful candidates will be elected to a College Research Fellowship for a fixed term of three years, subject to a review at the end of the first year.

The College is particularly looking to recruit within its themes of Cellular Life and Environmental Change (each recruiting up to 3 Research Fellowships), and Ethics & Values and Innovation & Entrepreneurship (each recruiting up to two Research Fellowships). Candidates for each of these may be drawn from across the University’s Divisions, with the College’s themes inclusive and broad in their conception.

Fellows will be expected to engage in the life of Reuben College, and as part of this to engage in regular activities at the College and in the support of its postgraduate students.

To find out more, see FP Research Fellowship Mar24 (ox.ac.uk)
Closing date3 May 2024
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