Impact case studies

The Oxford Impacts series celebrates the range of impacts the University has on the world of policy, health, business and culture. All of this is enabled by the world-leading research of Oxford academics. This set of case studies showcases academic research, across a range of subjects, that has had an impact on the world.

If you know of some impact from Oxford research which we should showcase please contact the Knowledge Exchange and Impact Team.

Writing Brecht

Writing Brecht, living well

The wider dissemination of Brecht’s works shows that they are as relevant as ever.

Encouraging debate

Encouraging debate and better policy in Eastern Europe

Extensive field-work by an Oxford academic has helped disseminate knowledge and develop institutional capacity in a rapidly evolving and fluid part of the world.

Composing Opera for Children

Composing Opera for Children

When the operas for children that Oxford University lecturer in Music Prof. Martyn Harry composes tour Britain’s toughest regions, his work is often the first classical music his audiences have ever heard.

Medieval plainsong

Medieval plainsong gets a contemporary makeover

An Oxford academic helps bring holy music of the middle ages to life.

Recreating an experience of ancient Egypt

Recreating an experience of ancient Egypt

Oxford’s Griffith Institute plays a key role in the creation of a facsimile of Tutankhamun’s tomb.

Dr Nic Cheeseman

Promoting democracy in Africa

Dr Nic Cheeseman, Hugh Price Fellow in African Politics, has advised the UK government and World Bank on free and fair elections in Kenya and Zambia.

Strategies to reduce animal disease in Africa

Strategies to reduce animal disease in Africa

Four years’ research among South African smallholders has resulted in an argument for attention to local practices in the treatment of livestock diseases.

Restoring Sight With Gene Therapy

Restoring Sight With Gene Therapy

Researchers from Oxford’s Nuffield Laboratory of Ophthalmology are helping restore eyesight in patients with genetic vision defects.

Making and breaking barriers

Making and breaking barriers

Conceived in late 2012, the mounted policing project Making and Breaking Barriers was set up with the aim of determining whether or not mounted police could be said to have value for UK public policing.


Demystifying private sector standards bodies

Pioneering research has uncovered the inherent secrecy of global rule-making bodies, making them more accountable, enhancing democracy and illustrating the winners and losers from their practices.