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Impact case studies

The Oxford Impacts series celebrates the range of impacts the University has on the world of policy, health, business and culture. All of this is enabled by the world-leading research of Oxford academics. This set of case studies showcases academic research, across a range of subjects, that has had an impact on the world.

If you know of some impact from Oxford research which we should showcase please contact the Knowledge Exchange and Impact Team.

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A picture of health

A consortium of academic, NHS, and commercial partners is using Artificial Intelligence to improve analysis of medical images – and enable better care for patients.

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Tackling antibiotic resistance

Jürgen Brem and colleagues in the Department of Chemistry are collaborating with academic and industry partners to develop therapies tackling antibiotic resistance.

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The many lives of land

An Oxford University project is exploring what land means to the people and communities who own, occupy, or live from it – as a way to strengthen environmental sustainability and social justice.

Playing Serious Games

Playing serious games

Cedric Tan and colleagues are using ‘serious games’ to explore conservation issues with public audiences, encouraging them to make choices that will help protect the environment.

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‘Complete Surrender’

What can the writings of thirteenth-century female mystics teach us about love and spirituality in contemporary life? More than you might think, according to Complete Surrender, a short film produced by Oxford University’s Dr Louise Nelstrop and filmmaker Pol Herrmann.

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Operation Condor

An Oxford University research project is helping to achieve justice for victims of transnational human rights abuses.

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10 years of Medical Sciences Business Development

Building Capacity Highly Commended, Vice-Chancellor's Innovation Awards 2020

Professor Andrew Pollard

Global policy on typhoid vaccines through research at Oxford

Policy Engagement Winner, Vice-Chancellor's Innovation Awards 2020

Turquoise background with white text "DIGITAL" and black text "WILDFIRE" on fire

Putting Out Digital Wildfires Before They Take Hold

Policy Engagement Highly Commended, Vice-Chancellor's Innovation Awards 2020

Professor Kirsten Shepherd-Barr


Inspiring Leader Highly Commended, Vice-Chancellor's Innovation Awards 2020