Impact case studies

The Oxford Impacts series celebrates the range of impacts the University has on the world of policy, health, business and culture. All of this is enabled by the world-leading research of Oxford academics. This set of case studies showcases academic research, across a range of subjects, that has had an impact on the world.

If you know of some impact from Oxford research which we should showcase please contact the Innovation and Engagement Team.

Vaccination in arm

From the lab to the bedside: Translating healthcare research into clinical patient benefit

The Oxford Biomedical Research Centre is helping to turn healthcare research into practical solutions to benefit patients.

Assyrian lion

Prophetic Assyrian Omens

Predicting Donald Trump’s presidency via sheep entrails must rank among the most unusual exercises in academic outreach ever undertaken.

Buildings emitting greenhouse gasses

Tackling climate change by researching routes to greenhouse gas removal

Researchers from the University of Oxford are looking at ways to reduce greenhouse gasses from the atmosphere.

Tactile exhibit in the Ashmolean

Please Touch the Art

The Oxford gadget that could revolutionise museum visits for people who are blind or partially sighted.

PV Solar Panels

Revolutionising solar power technology: Oxford PV

Helping to make solar power more efficient and more affordable.

Bartlemas dig

Digging into Oxford’s past

How volunteer archaeologists dug into Oxford’s deeper past.

Afghan women

People on the Ground

The Balkh Art and Cultural Heritage Project, a pioneering project in Afghanistan saw Oxford academics starting to train a new generation of Afghan archaeologists in Kabul.

reconstruction of Palmyra’s Arch

Whose Heritage, Whose Reconstruction?

Dr Judith McKenzie’s convictions about the ‘intangible heritage’ vested in historic sites by those who live among them are shared by other Oxford academics.

SOPHIA Team University of Oxford

SOPHIA: Helping private companies reduce poverty

Researches from the University of Oxford are developing ways to help businesses tackle poverty across the world.

bluetooth logo

Identifying and fixing critical design flaws in Bluetooth

Oxford University research uncovered critical flaws in the Bluetooth standard implemented in billions of devices worldwide.