Impact case studies

The Oxford Impacts series celebrates the range of impacts the University has on the world of policy, health, business and culture. All of this is enabled by the world-leading research of Oxford academics. This set of case studies showcases academic research, across a range of subjects, that has had an impact on the world.

If you know of some impact from Oxford research which we should showcase please contact the Knowledge Exchange and Impact Team.


Parenting for Lifelong Health

Africa has the highest rates of child abuse in the world, but no programmes that have been shown to prevent this. Academics at Oxford University worked with the World Health Organisation, UNICEF and the University of Cape Town to create and scientifically test a series of free workshops to support families in bringing up their teenagers.

Digital Healthcare Roadmap

Bringing together universities, industry and the NHS to benefit people in the Oxfordshire region and beyond

Oxford AHSN is helping to improve health and prosperity by supporting the spread and adoption of evidence-based clinical innovation

laser measuring lines

Near-perfect distance measurement

Professor Armin Reichold has turned fundamental research into commercial success: a highly accurate measurement technique initially developed for an academic project has been given a commercial application through Etalon AG, a German spin-out company.

Mark Springer and Edward Dede

Dramatic research

Although it does not have a discrete drama department, the University of Oxford has many scholars with expertise and research interests in theatre, whether it be Anglophone, European, Chinese, Central Asian or Scandinavian.

Tick on a leaf

Putting ticks on the map

As the climate changes, diseases carried by insects and ticks are spreading northwards. Mapping techniques from the Department of Zoology provide detailed information for health authorities, economists and the general public about changing disease risks.

Web browser

Securing the internet of the future

As the internet continues to grow rapidly, guaranteeing our security online becomes more and more critical. Research at the University of Oxford has helped improve the next generation of internet security.

Scientists looking at Nanoimager

Cheaper, smaller, super-resolution

A desktop microscope manufactured by Oxford Nanoimaging, a spin-out from Oxford’s Department of Physics, can view individual molecules performing chemical reactions in real-time – even inside living cells.


Classics for the people

The Iris Classics Centre popularises study of the ancient world, enriching the lives of students and adults alike.

Skeeter drone

Poetry in motion

Nature’s designs can be more efficient, elegant and powerful than anything yet built by man. A University of Oxford spin out aims to disrupt vehicle design by taking inspiration from the movement of animals.

Eugene Onegin

Shedding new light on Tchaikovsky’s Eugene Onegin

Two Oxford academics helped Garsington Opera stage a new, original production of Tchaikovsky’s best-loved opera.