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Get exam-ready: top tips to help you prepare for online exams

To help you prepare for exams this term, we have compiled some top tips on how to get ‘exam-ready’ at Oxford. Go to the Trinity term open-book exams webpage for more information and support.

Get to know Inspera 

To help you get to know Inspera, our new online exams platform, there’s a handy  user guide and you can log in to Inspera to familiarise yourself with where everything is, and how it works. 

Know your format or ‘mode of completion’ for each online exam 

The ‘mode of completion’ for each of your online exams determines the format of your exam response. Your department will tell you the mode of each exam and this will also be shown in your exam timetable. There are mini-guides available for all three modes, so whether your responses will be typedhandwritten, or mixed mode, these handy guides will help you to see how you’ll be using Inspera for your exams. If you need to handwrite all or some of any exam responses, you are strongly encouraged to practise scanning and uploading content to Inspera, so you know how long it could take to do this on the day. Go to the ‘Before your exams’ area of the Trinity term open-book exams webpage to find everything you need to know. 

Take a practice exam in Inspera  

You can now get hands-on access to practice exams and experience what it’s like to take an exam in Inspera. Practice exams include generic questions, are not subject-specific, and provide a good opportunity to practise all the core Inspera functionality that you’ll need for your real exams. 

Create your own exam conditions 

As you will be taking online exams in your own room this term, you will need to create your own ideal exam conditions, and get to know what help is available to you on the day. The Trinity term exams webpage has everything covered. The ‘On the day of your exam’ area has advice on everything from choosing the best space to knowing exactly when to start your exam.

What if something goes wrong?

If you need technical help during your exams, the ‘Need help?’ area has details of the Online Exams Support Desk and covers a range of ‘what if’ situations.   

Looking after your welfare and wellbeing 

Navigating exams can be challenging but we are committed to supporting you as you engage with the process. The dedicated Exam Wellbeing and Preparation page has a range of advice and resources to help you prepare for exams, and look after both your mental and physical health. There are tips to help reduce anxiety during the exam period and advice on physical care, including how to manage sleep and diet to help with performance and feeling good. You can find out about the University’s wider approach to student mental health and wellbeing on the Wellbeing at Oxford site, while the Trinity term exams webpage  has all of the detailed guidance on taking exams this term. 

The Trinity term open-book exams webpage contains all the information and details of support you will need for this year’s online exams, check it out now to get exam-ready