Examination timetables
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Timetables are published as early as possible and no later than five weeks before the start of the examination. If your timetable is not listed below it is not yet available. Refer to the provisional start date from the Exams entry and provisional start dates document available from the Examination entry page in the meantime.

Revised timetables

It is sometimes necessary to publish a revised timetable. For this reason you should check this page regularly close to the time of your first examination.

Personal timetable

Your personal timetable showing your papers and the dates, times and location at which they will take place will be sent to you at your college approximately five weeks before examinations start. It is your responsibility to ensure that you sit the correct examination and misreading of information will not be considered an acceptable reason for non-attendance.

If you have not received your timetable, or discover any problems such as a clash of papers, contact your college as soon as possible. The majority of examinations take place at either the Examination Schools or Ewert House.

Preliminary Examinations


Timetable (pdf)

Preliminary Examination in Philosophy, Psychology, and Linguistics

CPPL1415H (18kb)

Preliminary Examination in Theology

CTHE1415H (19kb)

Preliminary Examination in Oriental Studies

CORS1415H (20kb)



Timetable (pdf)   

Law Moderations

BLAW1415H (17kb)

Honour School


Timetable (pdf)

Final Honour School in Fine Art

DBFA1415M (92kb)

Final Honour School in History of Art 

DHAR1415M (35kb)

Honour School of Experimental Psychology (Part 1) (Year 2)

XEXP1415T (21kb)

Psychology, Philosophy and Linguistics (Part 1) (Year 2)

XPPL1415T (22kb)

Honour School of Psychology and Philosophy (Part 1) (Year 2)

XPYP1415T (22kb)

Honour Moderations


Timetable (pdf)

Honour Moderations in Classics

 ACLA1515H (22kb)

MPhil Examinations and Qualifying Tests


Timetable (pdf)

MPhil: Oriental Studies: Egyptology (including Graeco-Roman and Christian Egypt)

HOEG1415H (16kb)

MPhil Qualifying Examination in Oriental Studies: Modern Middle Eastern Studies

TOMM1415H (17kb)

MPhil Qualifying Examination in Oriental Studies: Classical Indian Studies

TOCI1415H (16kb)

MPhil Qualifying Examination in Oriental Studies: Modern Chinese Studies

TOMC1415H (16kb)

MPhil Qualifying Examination in Oriental Studies: Tibetan and Himalayan Studies

TTHS1415H (16kb)

MSc Examinations


Timetable (pdf)

MSc in Clinical Embryology

JCEM1415M (35kb)

MSc in Computer Science

JCOM1415H (17kb)

MSc in Contemporary Chinese Studies

JCCS1415H (16kb)

MSc in Intergrated Immunology

JIMM1415M (89kb)

MSc in Law and Finance (Michaelmas)

JLAF1415M (35kb)

MSc in Law and Finance (Hilary)

JLAF1415H (16kb)

MSc in Musculoskeleltal Sciences

JMSK1415M (26kb)

MSc in Musculoskeleltal Sciences (Hilary)

JMSK1415H (36kb)

MSc in Neuroscience (Michaelmas)

JNEU1415M (93kb)

MSc in Neuroscience (Hilary)

JNEU1415H (35kb)

MSc in Pharmacology (Michaelmas)

JPHA1415M (94kb)

MSc in Pharmacology (Hilary)

JPHA1415H (35kb)

MSc in Radiation Biology (Michaelmas)

JRBI1415M (93kb)

MSc in Radiation Biology (Hilary)

JRBI1415H (35kb)

MSc in Social Science of the Internet (Michaelmas)

JSSI1415M (35kb)

MSc in Social Science of the Internet (Hilary)

JSSI1515H (17kb)

Integrated Immunology

JIMM1415H (19kb)

MSt Examinations


Timetable (pdf)

Other - MBA, Medicine, Prize Examination


Timetable (pdf)

Second Examination for the Degree of Bachelor of MedicineFBMV1415H (18kb)
Master of Business Administration (Michaelmas)LMBA1415M (16kb)
Master of Business Administration (Hilary)LMBA1415H (17kb)
Master of Business Administration (part-time) (Year 1)LMBJ1415MT (11kb)
Master of Business Administration (part-time) (Hilary)LMBJ1415H (16kb)
Postgraduate Diploma in Global BusinessMGBS1415MT (11kb)
Postgraduate Diploma in Financial StrategyMFST1415H (16kb)
Probationer Research Student in Management StudiesPMAR1415M (35kb)
Degree of Bachelor of Civil LawEBCL1415T (26kb)
Degree of Magister JurisEMJU1415T (30kb)
Supplementary Subject in Quantum ChemistrySQUC1415H (16kb)
Supplementary Subject in Aromatic and Heterocyclic Pharmaceutical ChemistrySARA1415H (16kb)
Supplementary Subject in Chemical CrystallographySCMC1415H (16kb)
Supplementary Subject in Chemical Pharmacology
SCHP1415H (16kb)
Supplementary Subject in History and Philosophy of ScienceSHPS1415H (16kb)