Adults holding voting cards
Adults holding voting cards

Voting opens soon for Oxford SU elections

Students' Union campaigning begins on Friday 1 February. 

It's easy to watch SU elections go by and not engage with the brave individuals who have put their hat in the ring to lead your Students’ Union, but it's important that you vote to help set the agenda for the next academic year.

Your Sabbatical Team which consists of a President, VP Women, VP Graduates, VP Access & Academic Affairs, VP Welfare & Equal Opportunity and VP Charities & Community, make a real positive change to the lives of students at Oxford. Choosing your favourite candidate for each position, will help to shape Oxford for current and incoming students in 2019. 

If that's not enough of a reason to vote; the college with the best voting turnout will also win a visit from a pack of alpacas as a reward.

Next time an SU candidate attempts to ask you for your opinion on one of their policies, please take two minutes out of your day to talk to them, and please go online and vote.

Oxford SU voting posterOxford SU voting poster