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Terms and conditions

The Fees, funding and scholarship search is intended as a guide to the amount you will be liable to pay and any support you may receive based on the information you enter. All figures in the search tool are in pounds sterling (£).

The University makes every effort to provide a fees, funding and scholarship search facility that is helpful and reliable for prospective and current students. However, the University cannot guarantee that the search facility will deliver a comprehensive list of available scholarships, and you are encouraged to undertake your own research into the range of potential scholarships and other funding for which you may be eligible. The University will not be liable for any errors or omissions in the fees, funding and scholarship search.

Fee information

The fees displayed are annual rates for full-time study unless otherwise specified. You should expect and budget for fees increasing on an annual basis. Fees for the forthcoming academic year are published in September of the current academic year.

Fee status classification

The University follows government regulations on fee status classification. This classification depends on certain nationality and residence conditions.

Length of fee paying period

For undergraduate courses, fees are payable for every year a student is on course. Refer to information on fees during periods of suspension.

For graduate courses, information on the length of time fees are payable for is available on the fee liability page.



The Clinical Medicine and Graduate-Entry Medicine courses are not included in the Fees, Funding and Scholarship Search tool.

For Overseas students the six year version of the medicine course charges three years of fees at the pre-clinical rate and three years at the clinical rate. The graduate-entry version charges one year at the pre-clinical rate and three years at the clinical rate.

Our Funding for Medical students page contains details of the funding arrangements for these courses. For details of any available bursaries or scholarships please see our Oxford Support page or visit college and department websites.

Courses with a year abroad

Undergraduate courses with a compulsory year abroad are marked with * in the course name. These courses charge a reduced fee during the year abroad.

Part-time courses

Courses offered on a part-time basis are indicated in the course title. Fees shown are the part-time annual course fee.

OUDCE courses

For a number of Department for Continuing Education (OUDCE) courses, the course fees also include some accommodation: this will be indicated on the Course Information Sheets.

Modular courses

A small number of graduate taught courses are taught and charged on a modular basis. Fees for these courses are not included in the fees, funding and scholarship search. Information is available on the University's modular course fee page.

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