Fee status
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Fee status

Course fees are charged at one of four rates depending on your fee status. These rates are: Home, EU, Islands and Overseas, but please note the EU and Islands fee statuses are no longer applicable to students who commenced their studies in 2021/22 or later and that students from the EU who commenced a course of study in 2021/22 will be charged Overseas fees unless they hold settled or pre-settled status under the EUSS scheme and meet the other qualifying criteria.

How is my fee status decided?

All English universities use the same criteria to assess students' fee status which can be found on the UK Council for International Students' (UKCISA) website. If you are unsure about your fee status you should read this information first. The information provided by UKCISA is a summary of the government regulations for assessing fee status that is used by all English universities.

Broadly speaking, your fee status depends on your nationality, your immigration status in the UK, where you have been living and what you have been doing for the three years prior to the start of your course.

Universities are required to assess each student's fee status independently which means that we cannot take into account decisions made by other Universities. 

The University carries out an assessment of your fee status using the information you have provided on your application form.  Current students enrolled on a course of study are welcome to contact us at any time if they have questions about their fee status. 

Can my fee status change?

It is not usually possible for your fee status to change once your course has started, except in certain specific circumstances. These circumstances include if you or a relevant family member is recognised as a refugee or is granted humanitarian protection (and you can meet the residency requirement). A change in fee status is not automatic and you should contact the Student Fees Team if you think you might be eligible.

Unless the circumstances above apply to you, your fee status will not be reassessed for Year 4 of an integrated Master's qualification (for example, MMath) or for the clinical part of the BM BCh qualification as these are a continuation of your current course.

If you start a new course then your fee status will be re-assessed. If your circumstances have changed since you started your previous course, your fee status may be different.

Information for students from the EU

If you are a current student and have questions about your fee status relating to Britain's exit from the EU, please contact us using the email address below. You can also find more information on the UK Council for International Students' (UKCISA) website.

Equivalent and Lower Qualification (ELQ) fee

If you started your course before August 2012 and would otherwise have met the criteria for Home/EU fees but already hold a qualification at an equivalent or higher level to the qualification you are studying for, then you may pay fees at the ELQ rate if there is a separate ELQ rate for your course. Special ELQ fees do not apply to any student commencing their studies after August 2012.

More information

If you have read all the information here and on the UKCISA website, but are still not sure what fees you are likely to pay, or if you are a current student and would like a re-assessment of your status, please complete the fee questionnaire and contact the Student Fees Team for an assessment.