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The University has generous non-repayable bursaries for full-time students paying fees at the Home rate with qualifying household incomes. The type and level of support available in 2022/23 varies depending on where you are from and when you started your course.


If you are a Home (UK) or EU student (2020-entrant or earlier) from a lower-income household, you will be eligible to receive an annual non-repayable bursary in 2022/23 to help with living costs.

2021 and 2022- entrant Republic of Ireland (ROI) nationals living in the UK or Ireland, and students from the EU, EEA and Switzerland who have been granted settled or pre-settled status under the EU Settlement Scheme may also be eligible for an Oxford Bursary if they meet the residence requirements.

In 2022/23, to help with the rising cost of living, Oxford has approved an increase to its bursary levels by between £300 and £500 for all students who are eligible for an Oxford Bursary or Crankstart Scholarship and the new rates are detailed below. 

The tables below show the annual bursaries available from Oxford in 2022/23 for eligible students, dependent upon household income before tax.

Following a review of our undergraduate financial support package, an annual uplift to undergraduate bursaries will be introduced from the 2023/24 academic year onwards. In 2023/24 Oxford will be increasing its bursary levels for on-course students by 4%. The revised levels of support will be published on this page from 1 September 2023.

Bursaries available to students who started their course from 2020 onwards

The amount of bursary available varies depending on whether you are in receipt of a Crankstart Scholarship or an Oxford Bursary. If you are a UK resident student and have a household income of £27,500 or less in your first year, you will be eligible for a Crankstart Scholarship and invited to join the programme. Students are only eligible to receive either a Crankstart Scholarship or an Oxford Bursary.  

Household Income

Annual Crankstart Bursary

Annual Oxford Bursary
£5,000 or less£5,500£3,700
£5,001 - £16,000 £4,700£3,700
£16,001 - £20,000£4,700£3,500
£20,001 - £22,500£4,700£3,250
£22,501 - £25,000£4,700£3,000
£25,001 - £27,500£4,700£2,500
£27,501 - £30,000N/A£2,500
£30,001 - £35,000N/A£1,900
£35,001 - £37,500N/A£1,400
£37,501 - £40,000N/A£1,100
£40,001 - £42,875N/A£800


Oxford Travel Supplement for UK bursary holders 

An Oxford Travel Supplement will be available to all 2020 to 2022-entry Crankstart Scholars and Oxford Bursary holders from the UK who live more than 80 miles from Oxford, to assist with travel costs between their stated home address and Oxford. Crankstart Scholars or Oxford Bursary recipients from the UK will automatically receive a non-repayable annual Oxford Travel Supplement of £200 if you live between 80 and 150 miles from Oxford or £500 if you live more than 150 miles from Oxford. Distance is measured as the direct distance in miles (sometimes termed 'as the crow flies'). If eligible you will be notified of this additional funding shortly after being contacted about your bursary funding from Oxford.

UK students requiring financial assistance to meet funding shortfalls

Our Student Support Fund (SSF) Bursary aims to help 2020 to 2022-entry UK undergraduate students who may require financial assistance in a range of circumstances, ranging from a shortfall in their finances to help meeting additional exceptional costs. A non-repayable bursary of between £50 and £750 is available. Depending on the level of demand, the award amount may be capped below the maximum level in order to ensure sufficient funding is available to students in need of assistance throughout the academic year.

Bursaries available to students who started their course before 2020

Household IncomeAnnual bursary from Oxford for year of entry
2016, 2017, 2018 or 2019
£16,000 or less£4,200
£16,001 - £20,000£3,200
£20,001 - £22,500£3,000
£22,501 - £25,000£2,700
£25,001 - £27,500£2,200
£27,501 - £30,000£1,900
£30,001 - £32,500£1,500
£32,501 - £35,000£1,400
£35,001 - £37,500£1,200
£37,501 - £40,000£900
£40,001 - £42,875£500

If you are a Crankstart Scholar not on your year abroad or in receipt of a non-repayable grant covering your course fees such as an NHS grant, and your household income remains below £25,000, you may also be eligible for a fee reduction of up to £3,000. Details of any fee reduction will be included in your annual scholarship notification letter. 

For students who started before 2016 please contact the bursary team for more details. 



You must be studying for your first undergraduate degree or an undergraduate Medicine degree to be eligible for an Oxford Bursary or Crankstart Scholarship. The Oxford Bursary is also available to Graduate Entry Medicine students, and those PGCE students who do not receive a teacher training bursary or scholarship.

Medical Students

Medical Students are eligible to be assessed for a bursary in the years during which they are eligible to receive funding from the NHS.

Students in years 5 or 6 of the six year medicine course, or years 2, 3 or 4 of the Graduate Entry Medicine course will be contacted automatically from mid-September 2022 with details of how they will be assessed for a bursary. In the meantime, any questions about the bursary scheme should be emailed to the bursary team.


In order to receive an Oxford Bursary or Crankstart Scholarship you must be entitled to support from the UK government and you must have been financially assessed by your funding agency. You are unlikely to be entitled if:

  • you have completed a previous undergraduate degree and you are undertaking further undergraduate study; or
  • you are from the Isle of Man or Channel Islands, unless you receive maintenance support from the UK government, as you should receive funding from your home government; or
  • you are an overseas student, unless you receive maintenance support from the UK government.

Full regulations for 2022/23 Oxford financial support will be found in the ‘Appendix I - Regulations on Financial Matters’ section of the 2022/23 Examination Regulations.

How do I apply?

There is no separate application process for an Oxford Bursary or Crankstart Scholarship as these are based on the household income assessment carried out by your regional funding agency.

If you are eligible for an Oxford Bursary or Crankstart Scholarship you will be notified of your entitlement from mid to late September 2022. You must have your financial assessment completed by 30 May 2023 to be considered. Crankstart scholarships are only awarded to students in their first year of study.

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