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Looking down Queens street at night taken from the High street Junction
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Nights out

It is important that you find time to relax and socialise during your studies at the University. There are many sports clubs and societies on offer, while the city boasts a fantastic nightlife.

Know your limit

  • Make sure you have something to eat before a night out – never drink alcohol on an empty stomach.
  • Decide in advance how much you are going to drink and stick to your limit. Only take enough money for the drinks limit you have set and the cost of getting home.
  • Drink water regularly before, during and after a night out. Alternate alcoholic drinks with soft drinks or water, and use mixers to dilute your drinks.
  • Avoid ‘rounds’ – they can encourage you to drink more than you want to.

Keep an eye on your drink

  • Both men and women are at risk of having their drink ‘spiked’ (this is when a drug or extra alcohol is added to your drink without your knowledge).
  • Don’t accept drinks from strangers and never leave your drink unattended.
  • Make sure you see a member of bar staff open / pour your drink.
  • If you feel ill or are worried about drink spiking, inform a friend that you trust and a member of staff at the venue.

Talk to FRANK

  • You are strongly advised to avoid risking your health by taking drugs (both those that are illegal as well as ‘legal highs’).
  • If you take drugs on a night out tell a friend what you have taken and ensure you do not get split up from your group.
  • Never mix drugs – there is no way to predict how they'll react together (this includes alcohol and prescribed medication). If you do take more than one drug, remember that the effects are cumulative and can mount up over time.
  • For support and advice on drugs, visit Talk to FRANK.

Getting home safely

  • Plan your night before you go out, making sure you take enough money to get home. Pre-book a licensed taxi if possible.
  • Always leave a club or pub with a friend or group of friends. Let someone know where you are and what time you'll get home. Never walk home alone (this applies to men and women).
  • Make sure that your cash, mobile phone and personal items are not on display.
  • Only use a licensed taxi. Pre-book if possible, and before you get in, check the name of the person they have come to collect and the destination. Don't volunteer the information first.
  • If you do use public transport to get home, try to sit near the driver. Don't sit on an empty upper deck. If someone pesters you, tell the driver or guard.
  • If you cannot afford to get home, ring the Oxford University Student Union Safety Bus on 07714 445050.
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