People talking outside. Credits: John Cairns, University of Oxford
People talking outside. Credits: John Cairns, University of Oxford

Be a good neighbour

A great way of getting to know Oxford and to feel safe in your surroundings is to contribute to the local community. Students make up 24% of the city’s population the positive impact you can have is enormous.

Your community

The vast majority of Oxford University students are members of a college community, you are situated in the heart of a diverse and multi-cultural city which is waiting to be explored.

Volunteering through the Oxford University Student Union, Oxford Hub or a wide range of community projects is a great way to make a positive contribution to your local area.

You can also join an Oxford SU community warden scheme - set up to manage relations between students and permanent residents - or your local neighbourhood action group. Both allow you to get to know the local area and the people who live there.

Community impact

If volunteering isn’t for you, there is nothing to prevent you from making a positive impact in the area you live in. From keeping the noise down when returning from a night out, to adhering to recycling schemes in your area; being a considerate neighbour will be well appreciated.

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