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Registered student clubs may benefit from the University insurance cover. 

Club property

Registered Clubs where Insurance Inventories are approved can in general expect their physical property to be covered on the same terms as that of University property – but note that excess clauses apply, particularly for computing equipment. The Treasurer is to maintain an inventory of club/society property. A copy of this inventory is to be forwarded at the start of Michaelmas Term each year to the University’s Insurance Officer. Any new items should be added to the inventory; the University Insurance Officer must be notified immediately to effect insurance cover. A pro-forma for the Club’s Equipment is available. The Treasurer should also notify the disposal of any item on the inventory

Personal accident

Cover is not automatically provided under the University’s insurance policies. Any Club activities which may result in personal injury to Club members, or to the public, should be discussed in advance with the Clubs Officer (non-sports Clubs, publications) or the Director of Sport (Sports Clubs) so that proper advice can be taken about insurance cover.


The University’s Public Liability and Products Liability Insurance provides cover for all bona fide activities conducted by Clubs registered with the Proctors. The policy provides cover for compensation claims for injury or damage for which the Club is legally liable.  Evidence of cover will be provided upon the submission of a risk assessment to be approved by OU Safety Office in respect of any club activity. It should be noted that the University does not accept liability for the activities of registered Clubs, including the repayment of debts incurred by Clubs.

Like all insureds, the University has a ‘duty of disclosure’, i.e. a duty to provide full information to the insurer of any acts which might not ordinarily be anticipated from the description of the insured’s standard activities. Therefore, any Clubs contemplating holding an event which they believe to be usually hazardous, or not within the sphere of their usual activities, should provide written details to the Insurance Office who will also be able to provide general guidance on insurance-related enquiries. It will greatly assist all concerned, if thought could be given, and guidance sought, at the planning stage of any unusual event.

Minibus Hire Scheme

Motor vehicles hired under the Minibus Hire Scheme (see above) are covered by the University’s standard policy provided that the hire has been made for bona fide Club activities. This policy requires the hiring club to pay the first part of repair costs (‘excess’) in many cases. Full details are available from the Sport Federation or via email to [email protected].

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