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Club grants

Club Grants: guidance and criteria

  1. The Clubs Committee meets termly to decide on the award of small sums to registered non-sports clubs to support their activities. The deadline for applications is Monday of 4th Week of each term.

  2. Awards are given under the following heads:
    (a)  Start-up grants (up to £200), available to newly registered non-sports clubs
    (b)  Special purpose grants and loans (up to £200), to established non-sports clubs  (continuously registered for at least three terms)
    (c)  Special purpose grants and loans (up to £1000), to larger non-sports clubs  that are long-established (continuously registered for at least five years with a membership of at least 30 for the entire period)

  3. Only registered non-sports clubs that continue to meet the registration criteria may apply for the awards specified above.

  4. Applications will not normally be considered if they:
    (a)  are from a club that does not charge a membership fee
    (b)  are for long-term running costs (rather than start-up costs, or unforeseen circumstances), or for a club or society that appears not to be sustainable
    (c)  support political activities
    (d)  support private social activities
    (e)  support activities that, in the University’s opinion, may breach equality or other relevant legislation, or where the provision of support may be inconsistent with the University’s obligations under such legislation
    (f)   do not fully explain how the money will be spent
    (g)  do not have the explicit support of the club’s Senior Member
    (h)  are for large sums and do not show evidence of having first pursued other appropriate sources of funding

  5. The Committee will decide among eligible applications with reference to its overall annual budget and to its aims of encouraging a lively, creative and inclusive range of activities in student life at Oxford.

Applications for a grant may be made by submitting an application by Monday of 4th week each term.

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