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Mock examinations
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Mock examinations

Mock examinations, examination orientation and examination preparation sessions are held in Hilary and Trinity terms. These sessions are designed to prepare you for sitting your examinations, allowing you to familiarise yourself with venues, examination regulations and practice examination papers, whilst staff are on hand to answer any question you may have. You must reserve your place to attend. A link to register via WebLearn is provided at the bottom of this page.

Examination preparation session

The examination preparation session is a 60-minute talk to help you prepare in the months and weeks before examinations, to ensure you are ready and confident. Following the session there will be an optional tour of several examination rooms at the Examination Schools. To sign up to attend the session please follow the link to the Mock Examination WebLearn Site.

Mock examinations

Mock examinations are held in addition to collections arranged by your college. They are a three-hour invigilated examination sitting, for which you need to provide your own practice examination paper or revision work and adhere to examination regulations. You will have an opportunity to ask questions at the end of the three hours. If you require alternative arrangements please email in advance of booking to attend via the WebLearn site.

Workshops and Podcasts

A range of workshops and self-help guides are also available from the Counselling Service to help you build skills to respond to the demands of life at university.

Examination orientation

Examination orientation is a one-hour talk to clarify examination regulations, what to expect on the day and is an opportunity to ask questions about examinations, locations and any other concerns. A separate Alternative Arrangement Orientation session is available to those who have approved or are seeking approval for alternative examination arrangements, such as extra time or use of a computer.

Mock examinations and examination orientation sessions are hosted at the same time. You cannot attend both sessions in the same time slot, but may attend other sessions taking place that week.

Mock examinations 2017/18

Trinity term:

VenueDateMock examinationExamination orientationAlternative arrangement orientationPostgraduate examination preparation sessionUndergraduate examination preparation session
Examination SchoolsWednesday 2 May 2018   16:00-17:00 
Examination SchoolsThursday 3 May 2018    16:00-17:00
Examination SchoolsTuesday 8 May 201814:30-17:3014:30-15:3014:30-15:30  
Ewert HouseWednesday 9 May 201809:30-12:30    
Examination SchoolsThursday 10 May 201814:30-17:3014:30-15:3014:30-15:30  
Examination SchoolsFriday 11 May 201809:30-12:30    


Points to note before attending mock examinations:

  • You must bring your own past examination question paper with you. You should discuss this with your tutor or download a past paper from the OXAM website. The Examinations and Assessment team will not provide questions or past papers.
  • Arrange for your script to be marked. You should discuss this with your tutor. The Examinations and Assessment team cannot arrange this for you. 
  • Arrive at the Main Hall of the Examination Schools at least 20 minutes before the start of your session, wearing your full sub fusc.
  • Read the examination guidance regarding what items are / are not permitted in the examination room. These regulations apply to the mock examinations and examination orientation.

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