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2016 Oxford support
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2017 Oxford support

The following page contains information about Oxford's non-repayable bursaries and scholarship programmes for students starting in October 2017, along with external scholarships that may be available.

Oxford Bursaries for UK/EU students

If you are a UK or EU student from a lower-income household, you will be eligible to receive an annual non-repayable Oxford Bursary to help with living costs. The amount of bursary you get will depend on your household income:

The bursary support at Oxford has been incredible. It has allowed me to attend University each term knowing that I can attend events without having to worry. It is hard to estimate what life would be like without the bursary money, but I don’t think I’d be able to live life to the full here in the way that I so far have.

Elizabeth, 3rd year

Household incomeAnnual Bursary
£16,000 or less£3,700
£16,001 - £20,000£2,700
£20,001 - £22,500£2,500
£22,501 - £25,000£2,200
£25,001 - £27,500£1,700
£27,501 - £30,000£1,400
£30,001 - £32,500£1,100
£32,501 - £35,000£1,000
£35,001 - £37,500£800
£37,501 - £40,000£600
£40,001 - £42,875£200
£42,876 +£0

There is no separate application process for Oxford’s bursaries as these are based on the household income assessment carried out by your regional funding agency. When you apply for UK government funding you should simply ensure you have given consent for the University to access your household income figure so that Oxford can consider you for this funding.

If you are eligible for a bursary and are starting your course in 2017, you will be notified of your entitlement from mid September 2017. You must have your financial assessment completed by May 2018 to be considered for a bursary.

EU applicants should refer to our dedicated webpage for details on the impact of the result of the UK referendum on its membership of the European Union. 

Moritz-Heyman Scholarships

If you are a UK resident and you are from a household with an income of £16,000 or less, you may be eligible for a programme of enhanced support. The Moritz-Heyman Scholarship Programme provides a higher level of funding, opportunities to take part in volunteering activities, and to access at least one internship during the summer vacations.

There is no separate application process for these Scholarships. From mid September 2017, up to 175 new students will be invited to become Moritz-Heyman Scholars. For full details of the Programme including eligibility criteria visit the Moritz-Heyman Scholarship page.

Other Oxford scholarships

There are a small number of centrally administered scholarships available for undergraduates and these are summarised below. For further details of each scheme, click on the name of the scholarship.

ScholarshipEligibilityAwardApplication deadline
Hill Foundation ScholarshipRussian nationals wishing to study for a second undergraduate degree.Tuition fees, college fees and an annual grant towards living costs.12 noon (UK time) on 15 February 2017
The D. H. Chen Foundation ScholarshipStudents ordinarily resident in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.Tuition fees, college fees, an annual grant towards living costs and up to £2,500 internship funding12 noon (UK time) on 15 February 2017
Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies ScholarshipUK residents from Muslim communities.Tuition fees and an annual grant towards living costs.12 noon (UK time) on 15 February 2017
Palgrave Brown Scholarship

Students must be ordinarily resident in and/or educated in the following countries:

Albania; Armenia; Azerbaijan; Belarus; Bosnia and Herzegovina; Bulgaria; Croatia; Czech Republic; Estonia; Georgia; Hungary; Kazakhstan; Kyrgyz Rep.; Latvia; Lithuania; Macedonia;  Moldova; Montenegro; Poland; Romania; Russia; Serbia; Slovakia; Slovenia; Tajikistan; Turkmenistan; Ukraine; Uzbekistan.

Annual grant towards living costs.12 noon (UK time) on 15 February 2017
Palgrave Brown UK ScholarshipStudents who have been resident or educated in Norfolk or Suffolk.Annual grant towards living costs.12 noon (UK time) on 15 February 2017
Reach Oxford ScholarshipStudents from low-income countries.Tuition fees, college fees, annual grant towards living costs and one return air fare per year.12 noon (UK time) on 15 February 2017
Simon and June Li ScholarshipStudents ordinarily resident in any country except those in the following regions: British Isles, European Union, Norway, United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.Tuition fees, college fees and an annual grant towards living costs.12 noon (UK time) on 15 February 2017
Lloyds Scholars ProgrammeUK residents from households with incomes of £25,000 or less.Additional bursary towards living costs and performance- related awards.June 2017

Fees, funding and scholarship search

The Fees, funding and scholarship search provides a comprehensive list of awards being offered by the colleges, departments and faculties.

External Scholarships

For information on a number of scholarships and funding search tools administered externally to Oxford, please refer to our external scholarships page. Various application processes and closing dates apply.

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