Guidance for international students

A group of student relax on the grass outside the Natural History Museum

Deciding to study at a world-class university is one decision, but deciding to study abroad is another big step. Today, one third of our students, including 21% of undergraduates, are international citizens and come from over 150 countries. Read on to find out more about those aspects of student life at Oxford and our admissions process which are particularly relevant to those currently studying and living outside the UK. 

Applying as an international student

Key admissions advice to help you put in a competitive application.  

Student life and wellbeing

Find out more about the warm welcome and exciting opportunities that await you. 

Costs of studying at Oxford

Make sure you understand how much your degree will cost.

Visas and English language requirements

Will you need a visa?  Do you need to meet our English Language requirements?

Global careers and networks for life

Be part of our global network and get lifelong support with your career.

Oxford and your country

How many people from your country are already here?