Guide for applicants

To make sure we consider all applicants thoroughly and fairly, there are several stages to our admissions process. Each one is outlined on this page.

It is important you understand your role in each of these stages and are aware of the deadlines. The admissions timeline provides an overview of this process.

You need to register for any admissions test for your course by Friday, 29 September. In most cases, applicants are expected to take their test at their school or college. To become an approved test centre for Oxford's own tests, schools and colleges need to follow a new process this year. Once approved, centres will be able to register candidates and administer tests on their behalf in October. There are open centres available for candidates who are unable to sit their test at their school or college. 

Make sure you have your test candidate entry number by this date if your course requires you to sit an admissions test as part of the selection process.

Our UCAS application deadline is Monday, 16 October in 2023, which is earlier than most other universities.

The deadline for the submission of any written work required as part of the admissions process for your course is 10 November.

Admission requirements for our courses vary so check carefully the admission requirements for your course before applying.