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Lloyds Scholars Programme

The Lloyds Scholars programme, in partnership with Lloyds Banking Group, offers an exciting opportunity for students from lower-income households starting University. The programme, launched at Oxford in 2012, is designed to provide financial support as well as mentoring and internship opportunities, and encourage volunteering within the local community. 

Applications for the scholarship will open in Spring 2021.   

For more information please visit www.lloyds-scholars.com


Am I eligible?



Fee status: 


Level of study: 


Year of study: 

New students 

Household income:

Students from households with incomes
of £25,000 or less


All colleges and subjects (excluding Medicine)

What does it cover?

  • Additional bursaries to help with living costs and study materials at Oxford
  • End-of-course excellence awards for top scholars
  • Hands-on work experience on paid summer internships
  • Access to and support from a dedicated mentor

How do I apply?

Applications for the scholarship are due to open in Spring 2021.   

Further Information

Scholars must commit to:

  • Undertaking an internship opportunity over the summer in their first year of study at Oxford
  • Undertaking community volunteering
  • Promoting the Lloyds Scholars programme externally 

Please note: if you are successful in being selected as a Lloyds Scholar this will not affect your entitlement to Oxford's financial support, including the Crankstart Scholarship.