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Jesus College
Jesus College Quad.
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Jesus College

Jesus College is renowned for its close-knit community where academic excellence is central to college life. We aim to offer our students the best possible education and opportunities during their time here, and as a result we have recently been voted best college for student satisfaction. Each year we award a large number of scholarships, prizes and grants to recognise achievement and progress, and to support music, sports and travel.

Jesus CollegeStudents at Jesus College.
The college has always had Welsh connections, though our students now come from all over the UK and other countries.


Jesus College is in Turl Street, right in the heart of Oxford, close to the main libraries and within easy walking distance of the Science Area, shops, cinemas and theatres.

Accommodation and meals

Jesus College guarantees full accommodation for all its undergraduates. First years have rooms in central Oxford, living in our historic Turl Street site or in the new Ship Street Centre. Over two-thirds of the rooms are ensuite. After that, most students live in college flats, either to the north (near the Science Area) or to the east (by our sports ground) of Oxford city centre. These high-quality flats have three/four bedrooms, a kitchen, sitting room and bathroom, for reasonable cost. Meals in hall are popular and food is charged on a pay-as-you-go basis to the termly bill, so students can choose whether to eat in hall or not. Gowns are not required for evening meals.

Read more on the college website about accommodation and meals.


The college library and well-equipped computer suite are open 24 hours a day. Wi-Fi is available in all accommodation, libraries, common rooms and seminar rooms.

The Junior Common Room (JCR) boasts a conservatory, as well as newspapers, magazines, refreshments, widescreen TV and ping-pong and pool tables. The popular college bar, Fourth Quad, is open in the evenings. The college also has a music room with piano and a dark room. Our large sports pavilion doubles as an entertainment venue and we have playing fields, squash courts and a boathouse. Our students have free membership of the University gym and pool. We welcome students with disabilities: please see our access guide at and contact us before applying to discuss your needs.

Student societies

The JCR Arts Fund supports the dramatic society to facilitate student productions. Jesus College students jointly organise the lively Turl Street Arts Festival. Thriving subject societies (from English to Physics) arrange formal and informal events. The chapel choir regularly leads Evensong, gives concerts and goes on tours. The college is very active in many sports, either competitively or just for fun.

Academc staff


Dr Nicole Boivin*
Dr Paul Collins*
Dr Eleanor Scerri* 


Professor Ilan Davis*
Dr Peter Esnouf* 

Biological Sciences

Dr Beth Mortimer*
Professor Graham Taylor*


Professor Edward Anderson*
Professor Mark Brouard*
Dr Kirsten Christensen*
Professor Anthony Downs*
Dr Simpn Hibble
Mr Gareth McCrudden 
Professor Kylie Vincent*


Professor Armand D’Angour*
Dr Matthew Hosty
Professor Teresa Morgan
Professor Michael Vickers* 


Professor Péter Esö*
Mr Donald Hay*
Mr Rahul Nath
Ms Anna Sanktjohanser 


Professor Martin Booth*
Dr Dario Carugo*
Professor Peter McFadden*
Professor Stephen Morris*


Dr Dennis Duncan*
Mr Nicolas Jacobs*
Professor Paulina Kewes*
Mr Michael Molan 
Professor Marion Turner*


Professor Colin Clarke*
Professor Patricia Daley*
Professor Richard Grenyer*
Dr Ian Klinke
Dr Friederike Otto
Dr Ken Warren* 


Professor Richard Bosworth*
Professor Patricia Clavin*
Dr Sue Doran*
Dr Gabriela Frei*
Professor Alexandra Gajda*
Dr Aaron Graham*
Dr Felicity Heal*
Dr Conrad Leyser
Dr Lydia Matthews
Dr Samu Niskanen*
Dr John Walsh* 


Dr Eirik Bjorge*
Mr Peter Clarke*
Professor Paul L Davies*
Dr Simon Douglas*
Professor Luca Enriques*
Professor Peter Mirfield*


Dr Ash Asudeh*
Dr David Cram*
Dr Gianluca Giorgolo* 


Dr David Barron*


Dr David Acheson*
Mr Jakob Blaavand
Dr Peter Clifford* 
Professor Andrew Dancer*
Dr James Oliver*
Dr Brent Pym* 



Dr John Corcoran
Dr Sam Dawkins
Dr Gillian Douglas
Dr Michael Fenwick*
Professor Georg Holländer*
Dr Tim Horder*
Professor E Yvonne Jones*
Professor Richard Moxon*
Professor Paul Riley 
Dr Shankar Srinivas*
Dr Christopher Winearls*

Modern Languages

Professor Alderik Blom* (Celtic)
Dr Ali Bonner* (Celtic)
Professor Thomas Charles-Edwards* (Celtic) 
Professor Julie Curtis (Russian)
Mr Marc Deckers (German)
Professor Katrin Kohl* (German)
Dr Elena Lombardi (Italian)
Dr Daniela Omlor (Spanish)
Dr Anthony Pilkington* (French)
Dr Caroline Warman* (French) 


Professor Suzanne Aspden*
Dr John Caldwell*
Dr Ruth Herbert 


Dr Geoffrey Ferrari
Dr Joshua Shepherd*
Dr Stephen Wright 


Professor Philip Burrows*
Professor Yulin Chen*
Professor Mike Glazer*
Dr Malcolm John*
Professor Louis Lyons*
Dr John Magorrian*
Professor Tim Palmer*
Dr Clive Rodgers*
Dr Ralph Schoenrick
Professor Fred Taylor*
Dr Caroline Terquem
Professor Colin Webb* 


Dr Nic Cheeseman*
Dr James Tilley*
Dr Stuart White*


Dr Amy Bilderbeck
Dr Molly Crockett*
Dr Roi Cohen Kadosh*
Dr Mansur Lalljee* 


Professor Robin Evans*
Professor Steffen Lauritzen* 

Theology & Religion

Dr Joshua Hordern


Professor Tim Coulson*
Professor H Charles J Godfray*
Professor Paul Harvey*
Lord Krebs*
Dr Jen Perry*
Professor Shripad Tuljapurkar* 

Student welfare

Chaplain and Welfare Officer

The Revd Dr Megan Daffern


Professor Katrin Kohl*

Academic Director

Dr Alexandra Lumbers*

College Doctors

Dr Jane Morris
Dr Chris Hornby

College Nurse

Mrs Anthea Jones

*Fellow of the college

Virtual college tour

360° views of Jesus College:

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