About the support service

Who we are  

The Sexual Harassment and Violence Support Service is an award-winning provision for survivors regardless of age, gender or sexual orientation who have been affected by sexual harassment or violence. 

The Service is a survivor-only provision and has its own dedicated safe space within 3 Worcester Street. We provide free support and advice to students, along with a safe place to be heard independent of your college or department.

The Service is unique in the sector offering both specialist advisors and the services of an Independent Sexual Violence Advisor (ISVA), seconded from the local Rape Crisis centre.

We support students in all situations, whether the experiences of sexual harassment or violence happened in Oxford or elsewhere, and whether it was recent or in the past. We will support you at your pace and will help you to explore your options, and we’ll be here to support you whatever you choose to do.

What we do

The team are specially trained in responding to incidents of sexual harassment and violence. We offer a response that is non-judgemental, pro-active, and non-directive that puts you in control of what happens next.

We recognise that cases are different and the support and advice we offer will be tailored to your own individual circumstances and need, and your choices about what you would like to do next. There is no pressure to take action or report and you are free to change your mind if you would like to.

We are interested in:

  • Listening to your story (as much or as little as you would like to share or feel able to)
  • Help you explore the options that are available to you and support you to make an informed decision about what you may wish to do next
  • Finding practical solutions to help you study (including support on extensions or mitigating circumstances)
  • Facilitating support so that you are kept safe and feel safe whilst in Oxford
  • Help you put together a plan of where you want to go next, and make sure that it supports your needs.
  • Helping you through college and university complaints processes.


As a student welfare service we work confidentially, meaning we won't share anything that you tell us with your college, department, tutors, family, or police without your explicit permission. There may be times, such as when you are at significant risk of harm, or someone else is at significant risk of harm, where we need to think about sharing some information, but if this comes up we will discuss this with you first. The full guidance on confidentiality can be found here: Confidentiality in Student Welfare.

How do I get in touch?

To make an appointment just send an email to supportservice@admin.ox.ac.uk, and we will find you a suitable advisor.

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